Monday, 17 September 2012

Robocop Remake - First Pics Of Suit!!!

Oh dear...

Being an extreme Paul Verhoven movie fan, and specifically a massive Robocop fan (I had a life-size Robocop statue in my shop for two years) I'm going to go a ahead and say "how's about noooooo" to this new version.

This Iron Man/Guyver hybrid suit may well be a 2012 inspired re-imagining but c'mon, hell no. Black, thin plating instead of bulk robotic silver/chrome? NO DAMMIT!!! Stop messing with perfection!

Oh well, I'm probably going to love this remake anyway, rather like Total Recall which was awesome, so I shouldn't complain until I've seen the suit in action on screen.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I think Tony Stark wants his suit back :)

Bam Pilsworth said...

REALLY?! AFTER ALL THESE YEARS THERE GOING TO BRING THIS BACK?! they killed it with the T.V. series!!!

Anonymous said...

That's horrific I love robocop I've got the first comic made by marvel and that's just a sin