Wednesday, 24 October 2012


With all the new shows starting their runs we're gonna tell you exactly what's hot and what's doomed to leave our screens sooner rather than later.

So far ARROW has hit massive numbers and has been renewed for a full season. With only 2 episodes aired it would seem the numbers have given the dark and brooding Oliver Queen a full season to kick some ass and cross more names out of his little book. I point out that the show isn't perfect and, as with all shows the casting choices so far seem slightly questionable; however the action is very tight and the style of the show certainly holds a more gritty appeal that the last incarnation of Green Arrow that appeared in Smallville.......Although the fact that other than the hood and some green makeup on his eyes, I'm still wondering why no one has noticed that Green Arrow looks just little Oliver "Billionaire playboy" Queen.

A surprising turn of events is that ELEMENTARY appears to be head and shoulders above the BBC version of SHERLOCK. I guess it's amazing what you can do with money, good writing and some great lead actors for a show. Jonny Lee MILLER is great as the crazy/brilliant/obnoxious Sherlock Holmes, and bounces off the slightly stuffy but sexy Lucy LIU as Joan Watson. Aiden QUINN as shines as Captain GREGSON, which adds some more heavy hitting acting talent to the show. Again, a full season should give more great stories to help the numbers grow and a renewal a safe bet.

The underwater thriller, LAST RESORT, hasn't had a renewal YET although the studio has ordered 2 more scripts for the show to see where the show will go should they either extend the shows initial season or go for a season 2. I personally hope that the numbers stay firm and the renewal comes sooner rather than later. I just hope this "world on the brink of nuclear destruction show" doesn't go the same way as Jericho.

Keep your fingers crossed for more news and renewals.

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