Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Crush Of The Week #31

This Week's Crush Of The Week is...

Edward Norton

Yes, really.

Norton has a bountiful movie career but you'll most likely recognise him as the central character of the incredible Fight Club. But before we get to that...

Norton started his career on film in Only In America... An educational video teaching basic American English... Oh bubs!

Norton's career picked up a little from there, going on to star in Primal Fear, The People vs. Larry Flint,  Everyone Says I Love You and Rounders...

Norton then hit his first (what I consider to be) major role.
That of Derek Vinyard in American History X.
And boy did Mr. Norton put on a few pounds...

Edward Norton absolutely nailed the role of terrifying white supremacist, Derek Vinyard. This film is both horrifically brutal and absolutely fantastic. Norton's performance is unbelievable, alongside the equally fantastic Edward Furlong, who plays Norton's younger, conflicted brother.
A real must-see movie, especially if you're a fan of either actor or truly great film in general.

Norton then slimmed down to the wonderfully emaciated Jack/Narrator for the spectacular Fight Club;

This has to be my favourite Norton role to date. Besides Fight Club being an absolute pillar of modern film, Norton smashes it as the nervous, malnourished, IKEA-hoarding insomniac.
Worryingly, I think this is where Norton's attractiveness is at its peak... 
Someone who hates the world as much as me is rather endearing... ;)

Norton has followed this with a successful film career, from Keeping The Faith to a Simpsons cameo...

Followed by The Score, Death To Smoochy alongside Robin Williams (which I really must watch!), Frida, Red Dragon, 25th Hour, The Italian Job and Kingdom Of Heaven...

(^^^ Probably the most unsettling image to pop up when you're trying to find hot pictures of someone...)

Next on Norton's list was Down In The Valley, The Painted Veil and (prior to the Avengers), our best Hulk yet.

Yep, I said it. I think Norton gave us our best comic-authentic Bruce Banner to date.

I think its such a shame that Norton unfortunately got lumped with a crappy script, dodgy storytelling and general poor direction because he was, and is, the perfect Bruce Banner. I'd love to see him up there again playing the role on the big screen one day.

Norton seems to unfortunately be on the wind down lately, having starred in Pride And Glory, a cameo (albeit hilarious) in The Invention Of Lying, Leaves Of Grass, another cameo but in Modern Family, Stone, Moonrise Kingdom, a short called All In For The 99% and The Bourne Legacy. Only one of those seems to have been widely marketed.

I, for one, honestly hope that Norton comes back with a vengeance. I think hes a terrific actor and his resume shouldn't be spoiled by a few under-performing movies or movies made purely due to contractual obligation (*cough*ItalianJob*cough*)

Now enough of that serious business... APPRECIATION TIME!!!

I honestly couldn't tell you WHY I find him attractive... Most people would be looking at Brad Pitt... But DAYUM Eddy looks good in a suit...

Which in turn, would look good on the floor EHEHEHE


Points Of Appreciation;

- HOW good does he look in a suit!?
- Potentially the only attractive insomniac in existance
- Pulls off that gaunt, dying of lack of sleep look
- Looks good beaten up (... WHAT THATS NOT WEIRD)
- Scrawny sexy


I am Jack's exploding ovaries

Obligatory Crying Shot;

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