Saturday, 20 October 2012

Crush Of The Week #36

For this week's crush of the week I've chosen the undisputed champion of the female action-hero genre - Milla Jovovich.

This stunning and highly talented 36 year old Ukrainian model turned actress has done a lot of TV and movie work starting way back in 1988 but really hit the big time when she appeared in the lead female role in Luc Besson's awesome 1997 sci-fi movie 'Fifth Element' opposite Bruce Willis playing 'Leeloo'.

After Fifth Element Milla did a few other movies and made some basic cameos here and there before finding her defining role... 'Alice' in the Resident Evil movie franchise based on the uber-popular video-games  She's done even more films since (some romance, some thriller, some sci-fi, some action), not least of which are Ultraviolet and The Three Musketeers  but it's the 5 Resi films that have solidified her position as action-movie Queen and the sexiest female hard-ass ever...

Milla is a lady who seems to get better with age and if you get to see Resident Evil: Retribution (God help you if you do as it's a terrible movie and the worst of the Resi movies by far, even though I quite liked the rest) then you'll literally melt at the sight of the black PVC outfit shrink-wrapped onto Ms. Jovovich's frame...

Anyway, here are the pics to back up this week's choice. As you'll see I've kept the image choices as family-friendly as possible, even though half the galleries on the net you'll find of Milla are nudie ones! :P


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