Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Kick Ass Cosplayer Of The Week #4

This week's Kick Ass Cosplayer Of The Week is...

Vampy (Bit Me)

The lovely Vampy seems to be the perfect mix of cute, sexy and totally bad ass! You might recognise her as the latex-clad Psylocke, whose photos have been doing the Interwebz circuit for a while now.

Vampy is awesome because makes some of her own props (and shes damn good at it!) and she seems to have a talent for picking characters who suit her perfectly!

Vampy has cosplayed characters such as; White Phoenix, Ms. Marvel, Black Widow, Psylocke, Pepper Potts (in Rescue Armour Mark 1616!,) Lady Punisher and most recently, a completely kick-ass female Nightwing, not to mention a tonne of anime and video game characters.

Check out some awesome photos of the wonderful lady below;

Ooh! ^^^ Theres a previous Kick Ass Cosplayer, Jessica Nigri!

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Anonymous said...

Damn it!!!! She's hot and incredibly talented!!! I might need some......alone time....