Thursday, 25 October 2012

New Lindsey Stirling videos! Zombies and Fire!

A few weeks back Lindsey Stirling released her first album featuring (along with some old favorites) quite a few new (really really good) songs, Lindsey has always been rather famous for her fantastic music videos and after the albums release we were not disappointed as she has now started releasing some of the music videos for the new songs. We have two so far and I've posted them here for you guys to check out!

So this ^ is Elements. Lindseys videos have always been pretty awesome but it seems that she's brought them up another notch with these, check out the behind the scenes too if you wish, it shows some pretty awesome details and keep an eye out for that fire scene where she genuinely thought she may have ended up burnt to a crisp!

annnd this ^ is her latest video for a song called "Moon Trance" and fits in perfectly with Halloween coming up. Possibly on of my favorite videos, dancing Zombies being fended off by a violin. You betcha!!

Hope you enjoy!

Mistress of Magic.xx

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