Sunday, 7 October 2012

Rovio Releasing Star Wars Themed Angry Birds Game?!

As if Angry Birds wasn't enough of an awesome game, in every one of its many incarnations, we've now recently had an awesome new spin-off with Bad Piggies and a huge piece of geeky news last week too...

Creators Rovio are releasing a Star Wars themed Angry Birds game on October 28th November 8th (updated info) with characters such as Luke Skywalker being represented by Red Bird etc. (My kids have already pitched a fit about downloading this the second it's available!)

Even better news for fans of both franchises is that toys based on this Rovio/Lucasfilm crossover will be released shortly too! They will be mine, oh yes. THEY. WILL. BE. MINE. :P

This is the official teaser gif released last week:

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