Saturday, 3 November 2012

Crush Of The Week #38

Admittedly I had a problem with this week's crush of the week, so I racked my brains to see what new shows or movies I'd watched over the last week or so which may have someone different to choose from the multiverse that is Hollywood... And then it came to me, what has been one of my favourite new shows of late which has both impressed me and featured a very cute Mademoiselle? 'Elementary', the new American take on Sherlock Holmes featuring Jonny Lee Miller and our featured COTW: 'Lucy Liu'!

Lucy Liu is an Asian-American actress most famous for her roles in the Charlie's Angels movies and Kill Bill as well as her voice work on various animated TV shows and movies (Kung Fu Panda for instance), but she's had a huge career going back to 1991 which has led her into her newest 2012 role of Dr. Joan Watson in the aforementioned 'Elementary', which by the way is really great and a massive side-step from the BBC 'Sherlock' series, in good ways... Lucy will also star as 'Madam Blossom' in the upcoming RZA directed 'The Man with the Iron Fists' movie.

Über-cute and heart-crushingly amazing in everything she does (O-Ren Ishii in Kill Bill is specifically cute yet awesome, and scary) Miss Liu is my crush of the week. Enjoy the pics, gifs and vids. :)

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