Saturday, 1 December 2012

Movie News Rundown...

So then, another week and another bunch of news from Hollywood to get the geek juices flowing!

Lawrence Kasdan & Simon Kinberg chosen to write future Star Wars movies?

Well the news to this story has jumped around a bit over the last week, starting with Lawrence Kasdan (original writer for Empire & Jedi as well as Lost Ark for Lucasfilm) and Simon Kinberg (write of X-Men: First Class and the upcoming sequel Days of Future Past) were being hired to write Star Wars Eps VIII to IX which Disney reported were their intended future projects. It turns out however that the newest info has these two actually penning the side projects/spinoffs focusing on side characters that follow the main movie series further on down the line. 

Disney have every intention of expanding (milking?) the Star Wars universe even further and for a very long time to come, which, as long as they succeed in an epic way, can only be a good thing!

Also: Rumours and off-hand comments by actors such as Mark Hamill (original Luke Skywalker) and Carrie Fisher (original Leia) seem to confirm that the original actors may well be signing contracts as I write this to reprise their classic roles in the new episodes VII to IV. Other actors such as Harrison Ford, Billy Dee Williams, Peter Mayhew, and more have also all expressed their genuine interest in coming back if they're approached, so this could f*****g amazing, if we can still believe these actors represent those iconic roles in their old age!

Flight of the Navigator remake in the works!

Are we happy about this? Us 80's kids I mean? FOTN was one of my favourite movies as a kid and this is one of those classics that really shouldn't be touched in my opinion... But I could be very wrong.

Director Colin Trevorrow ('Saftey Not Guaranteed') has been hired by Disney to take on the task of rebooting the 1986 Flight of the Navigator along with writer Derek Connolly from a script originally written by Brad Copeland.

For those of you too young to remember the original, or simply haven't seen it, here's the plot: "A 12 year-old boy who goes missing reappears eight years later having not aged a day. At the same time, an alien spacecraft crashes nearby, which may explain the boy's disappearance. " 

Bryan Singer announces Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen for X-Men: Days of Future Past!

Yes X-Men fans can be happy once again as the original movie actors for Professor X and Magneto, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, will be reprising their roles in the First Class sequel 'Days of Future Past'. Obviously this is a time-travel movie so we'll be seeing both the older and younger versions of these two characters... and maybe more. There's even a rumour going around that Hugh Jackman will be popping up as Wolverine (wanting to connect all the films together and give the fans a huge canon-nod?). Excelsior!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt said to be portraying Batman in the Justice League movie? "No" say his reps...

Unsubstantiated rumours broke on the web last week that Joseph Gordon-Levitt (John Blake, but technically 'Robin' in The Dark Knight Rises) will play a non-Bruce Wayne version of Batman in the upcoming Justice League movie (which we can only gather means it will be based after TDKR in the movie timeline if the rumours turn out to be true). However these rumours were subsequently quashed by Levitt's reps who state it's nonsense and he's not even been approached. It's true that he'd definitely be the people's choice for the part, but if we're seeing a JL movie that starts from scratch with all the actors and characters then we don't want Levitt without Man of Steel's Henry Cavill etc. We'll see. 

A list of possible actors who might play the lead role of 'Star Lord' in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy movie?

Taken from Deadline reports that Marvel Studios has a short list of actors for the lead role of 'Star-Lord' in Guardians of the Galaxy. They have reportedly confirmed that Joel Edgerton (Warrior), Jack Huston (Boardwalk Empire), Jim Sturgess (Cloud Atlas), Lee Pace (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey) and Eddie Redmayne (Les Miserables) have all signed test deals for the lead role of 'Peter Quill'. However, while all of them are currently in the running, they are also said to be interested in Garrett Hedlund (Tron Legacy), James Marsden (X-Men) and Sullivan Stapleton (Animal Kingdom).

Misfits the movie?

Although unconfirmed the creator of Misfits, Howard Overman, has revealed on a podcast that he has written a first draft for a movie version of the series, and if it happens it will involve "past and present characters".

While chatting to the Panel Borders podcast, Overman revealed that he is working on a movie version of the hugely popular E4 series. “ I've written the first draft of the script and we’ll see what happens,” Overman said. “If it happens, it will involve past and present characters, I’m not allowed to give away anything more than that.” But he did hint that the film would bring back fan-favourite characters Simon and Alisha (Iwan Rheon and Antonia Thomas) who were killed off (kinda) in the third season of the show. “Whether or not you've completely seen the end of Simon and Alisha, if our movie has its way, is another issue,” Overman added. No word on any other characters (Nathan?) yet.

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