Monday, 24 December 2012

Want To Be A Superhero? You're Yet Another Step Closer With The "AdrenaSuit"!

As time goes on and technology advances we get ever closer to the possibility of a real-life Batman or Iron Man being created in the real world...

The AdrenaSuit is a new invention "forged from an anti-ballistic Kevlar-based material, with a microfiber casing on the inside and outside to regulate the body temperature" which is basically a flexible bullet-proof under-armour suit. But that's not all. The suit can give you super powers, or at least "powers"!

"The AdrenaSuit’s veins are filled with a proprietary synthetic blend of epinephrine (adrenaline), endorphins, and other Y3K mad scientist juices the makers want to keep secret. They call it "AdrenaBoost". And claim the beauty of AdrenaBoost is that while it amps up the sympathetic nervous system in terms of adrenaline distribution, it also puts the kibosh on some of the unsavoury chemicals and enzymes, such as cortisol, released during natural fight-or-flight responses".

So what we're actually talking about here is a suit that is being designed for soldiers on the battlefield (or even law enforcement) so that they're bullet-proof, fearless, super fast, strong, and have super-endurance, but will no doubt be obtained by some comic book hero wannabe with a ton of cash who wants to wage war on criminals too... We have real life "heroes" walking the streets wearing superhero costumes and doing their civic vigilante duty right now, but give them these suits and we'll be seeing front page news very quickly, for better or worse...

For me it's a case of:

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