Saturday, 20 July 2013

Warner Bros. Looking To Make Batman Beyond Movie?

There's no official word on this yet, it's still internet speculation and rumour based on unconfirmed tips and whispers, but news broke last week that Warner Bros. are looking to expand their growing DC Comics movie list with Batman Beyond...

For those of you that have no idea what Beyond is (shame on you for not having watched the awesome cartoon show!) it's about a a teenage boy named Terry McGinnis who becomes the new high-tech futuristic Batman of the future mentored by the elderly Bruce Wayne in Neo Gotham. No word yet on whether they're looking at Joseph Gordon-Levitt to take up the role (post Batman: The Dark Knight Rises), which technically wouldn't work if they're going to use actual source material, but if they do go ahead with this and they put Christopher Nolan's skills to work this could obviously be awesome.

More news as it gets released, if it gets released!

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