Saturday, 20 July 2013

X-Force Movie Coming Soon?

Now 100% confirmed with various direct sources (having been a rumour for a week or two) Marvel's X-Men spin-off team X-Force is being turned into a live-action movie through 20th Century Fox.

The website registration of triggered the rumour mill originally and then confirmations from artist and X-Force creator Rob Liefeld and proposed writer Jeff Wadlow sealed the deal. Rob Liefeld also stated that the team would include the likes of Cable and Deadpool and not the later lineup by Peter Milligan and Mike Aldred which turned into X-Statix, but nothing has been set in stone regarding characters yet. Somehow I don't find that plausible, but we'll see.

I know a lot of the individual characters from X-Force but never read the comics, so this would be a new and welcome movie for me that might hold some surprises. :)

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