Sunday, 4 August 2013

DC Comics' The Flash TV Series Coming Soon From Team Behind Arrow?

Fans of The CW's Arrow TV series (that includes me) will hopefully be happy to hear that the same creative team are bringing Barry Allen's Flash to the small screen in a new TV show...

Amazon/Wonder Woman has been put on the back burner for now (no doubt due to the timid reaction to the recent failed pilot for the other WW series) and are wanting to bring other characters into the Arrow universe. So does this mean we may have a few characters/actors for the Justice League movie through the TV shows? We already know that a movie is planned, but maybe the shows will lead to the big screen and then into the ensemble piece...

Flash will supposedly be introduced through Arrow and then have his own series, of which the pilot will be written by none other than Geoff Johns himself.

This could be excellent or crap, but judging by how much I love Arrow I think I'll love it!

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