Sunday, 4 August 2013

Doctor Who - And The Actor Playing The 12th Doctor is...

Sorry if this is a spoiler but here goes anyway...

At 7pm this evening during a special half hour live show Zoe Ball announced the actor that would be filling the shoes, and possibly fez, of The Doctor in his 12th incarnation. And that actor is:

Peter Capaldi

Now to be brutally honest although I knew his face I didn't know what I'd seen him in before and didn't recognise his name at all when Zoe read it out. Turns out he was the bookie's favourite and I'd seen his pic up online over the last few days after the announcement show was advertised. He's also a HUGE Who fan and has actually been in Doctor Who before in "The fires of Pompeii" (an episode that also featured Karen Gillan before her Amy Pond role) in the 10th Doctor/David Tennant days. He's also famous for roles in "The Thick of it", World War Z, Torchwood: Children of Earth, and a butt-load of other things that I've probably never watched.

If you want to know what else he's been in you can read his IMDB profile by clicking HERE

I've already seen quite an online backlash start up on how old he is, how non-crazy and boring he seems (at least compared to Matt Smith and David Tennant) and oh yes - how OLD he is. But this is probably just the thousands of fan-girls realising that they won't be crushing as hard on this Doctor as they did the last 2 or 3. OK yeah so he's 25 odd years older than Matt Smith, but he does look Doctor Who-ish (retro style). We just have to give him a chance to work his way into our hearts like Smith did when he had all the same negative karma aimed at him originally. 

This sums it up perfectly:

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