Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Kryptonian Warrior - Lack Of Posts Problem

Hi all!

Due to having no internet at the moment, due to a tree taking down my phone line last week and BT being their usual unhelpful and inefficient selves, I haven't been able to post up anything on here or on our Facebook page. I'm sitting in a restaurant this morning having a lovely breakfast and have some precious free wi-fi access so I thought I'd let you all know that I'm desperate to get back to posting asap. Hopefully I'll be back up and running by next week at some point!

Bye for now!!!


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Amazing Fan-Made Wonder Woman Short Film!

There's not much to say about this Wonder Woman short film other than "WOW". I think this proves that Wonder Woman can work on the big screen (and the small screen) given the right conditions of both atmospheric visuals and spot-on casting!

Starring: Rileah Vanderbilt
Clare Grant   Alicia Marie   America Young   Kimi Hughes   Christy Hauptman
Director of Photography: Andrew Finch
Key Grip: Duy Nguyen   
1st AC: Nick Roney   
Gaffer: Ryan Walton
Stunt Coordinator: Surawit Sae Kang
Stunt Team: Surawit Sae Kang Joe Perez Billy Bussey Jason Brillantes Kerry Wong
Costume Designer: Heather Greene   
Costumer: Sarah Skinner   
Hair & Makeup: Anissa Salazar   
Assistant: Yulitzin Alvarez
Music & Sound Design: Jeff Dodson   
Vocalist: Raya Yarbrough   
Sound Mastered at: Runsilent
Editor: Jesse Soff
Visual Effects Supervisor: Sam Balcomb   
Compositors: Jason Schaefer & Nick Viola
Producer: Jesse Soff
Directed by: Sam Balcomb

Cool Pics From The Web (Of The Week)!

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