Friday, 7 February 2014

Felix Baumgartner's Free Fall From The Edge Of Space: "The Full Story" - Video

Being born almost a decade too late to witness the 1969 Moon landing one the coolest things I've ever watched since was the amazing 24 mile high Red Bull Stratos free fall jump from a stratospheric helium balloon in October 2012 by Felix Baumgartner. Felix achieved speeds of 843.6 mph over 4 minutes and 19 seconds and set the record for altitude for a manned balloon flight, parachute jump from the highest altitude, and greatest free fall velocity.

I'm posting this video up here with the new amalgamated footage from all the Go Pro cameras that filmed the event as my family and I were all crowded round the computer screen when Felix made this jump live via YouTube, and for me it was an awesome and magical experience watching the whole thing unfold. That moment he steps out, says the words "I'm coming home now", and launches himself off the platform are simply awe-inspiring and I loved watching it again via this video.

Hope you enjoy too! If you don't want to watch all the prep etc skip to 3:30 mins in and you can see the actual jump and free fall.

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