Saturday, 15 February 2014

Video Game Trailers For Evolve, Titanfall, & The Elder Scrolls Online!

Below we have 3 trailers for some of the most anticipated and awesome looking games of 2014:  Evolve, Titanfall, & The Elder Scrolls Online. WANT, WANT, WANT!!!

Evolve is a multiplayer shooter for Windows, Xbox One and PS4 from the creators of Left 4 Dead and has a strange 4 vs. 1 format. The lone player is hardly helpless though, because he’s playing as a monster. This is the gameplay trailer:

Titanfall for Windows and Xbox One is the first next-gen shooter that combines pure adrenaline, wall-running, double-jumping action with powerful, fast-paced titan warfare to set the new bar for online multiplayer gameplay. This is the offcial beta gameplay trailer:

The Elder Scrolls Online for PC/Mac/PS4/Xbox One is the open ended massively multiplayer online role-playing release in the ongoing Elder Scrolls series (sucessor of Skyrim) and will feature a well known voice cast including John Cleese, Bill Nighy, Kate Beckinsale, Lynda Carter, Alfred Molina, Michael Gambon, Jennifer Hale, Malcolm McDowell, and Peter Stormare. This is the impressive cinematic trailer called "The Arrival":

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