Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Doctor Who- Frontier in Space review

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Most of my time spent is watching these episodes so I just wanted to discuss them further in depth and relieve myself of my opinions on them.
This story continues on from the last episode, Carnival of Monsters which was quite rare in the classis series but reminded of the how the modern series organises the timelines.
The Doctor and Jo have landed in the 26th century as the TARDIS almost crashes into a spaceship which the doctor tries to recover from by landing it.
He succeeds and they are left to explore the unknown enviroment. As the doctor checks something out Jo hears a noise that makes her feel uneasy and I think this brought a great suspense to the beginning of the situation.
They bump into an inhabitant of the ship who mistakenly thinks they are Draconians who the people of the ship may be going to war if after they believe the Draconians have attacked them.
This however is a trick performed by the Master who is in ownership of a device that taps into the fear centres of the brain and concentrates on them to make people think they are seeing the thing they fear most.
This takes effect on Jo who thinks there is a Drashig in front of her who she met in the previous story.
After the Master's goons- the Ogrons bombard the ship, they are mistaken for Draconians so the humans conclude that the Doctor and Jo are working with them as spies.
They are therefore thurst into a cell which I think always brings out the best dialogue and the development of the Doctor's relationships with his companions which you can clearly see as Jo starts devising her own plans and the Doctor telling her to calm down as he can't to seem to handle anyone else doing the thinking.
As the plot continues the humans and Draconians are constantly insinuatiing that the Doctor and Jo are working for the opposing enemies.
I did find the Doctor and Jo protesting their innocence a little annoying at times but the way it was written it was hard not to just absorb yourself into the story.
In addition, I wanted to highlight how much I like Jo's kung fu outfit in this episode along with her boots which look very hip and cool.
Once the Master is relieved to be behind the chaos I found the scene where the Doctor and Jo devise a plan that allows the Doctor to escape the cell they are being held in quite creative and certainly believable in a way that I didn't find flimsy.
Typically, when the Daleks appeared as an adversary of the Master I think it brought a bigger excitement on how the doctor was going to stop a war between two races that had been mainpulated by them very challenging but engaging to watch.
Jo is captured by the Master and he once again tries to hynoptise her but my admiringly she manages to outwit him which I think is a great progression for her character as it shows that she has been constantly growing and learning from her experiences.
The plot descends to its end and  I did find the ending rather undermeaning for the story because once the doctor emerges the Master just simply disappears along with the Daleks with the Doctor collasping and then he's not mentioned again in Planet of the Daleks which is the story that follows on from this.
I think this really let the episode down but I think structurally it holds much material when it comes to different cultures and war and who can be trusted.
But one things I have learned from this is that the Master can never EVER be trusted!

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