Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Agents of SHIELD review

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Following last week's episode of Agents of SHIELD I felt like I should talk about the episode and how the show has progressed so far.
This story contained many twists and shocks that I thought was a great decision because this is what keeps the audience engaged and enables them to question the characters and keeps them to try to understand who they are and thier complexities.
Mai's sudden betrayal for me was completely unexpected because she seemed so loyal and dedicated to Carlson and the SHIELD itself.
I think this brought an intriguing insight into her character and what her motivations are that have driven her to lie to her team.
Ward's actions of killing a man suddenly and cold heartedly enabled me to see his character from another perspective which raised some questions about his capabilities and if his character could be trusted to prevent his feelings for his team i.e Sky from taking drastic and harrowing action even if the man he did kill was a killer himself, I believed he was better than that.
As the team discovered who the double agent was, as another twist fell into the first twist I found myself wanting to discover the head of SHIELD's motivations for being some bad ass, untrustworthy not very nice leader of the SHIELD pack.
The villain of the piece; the Clairvoyant; I think is a believable foe that you can see that he is a storng threat for the SHIELD team.
His weapons are very slick and seemed to hold my attention because sometimes with new villains, their powers can become quite predicable and tedious but this particular enemy does not.... very smart.
I'm very excited to learn what drives these characters and where the story is heading, and just to point out- I love Carlson's accent; it is very smooth.......

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