Saturday, 26 April 2014

Agents of SHIELD Turn, Turn, Turn review

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The next chapter of the agents of SHIELD franchise has brought another episode fuelled by action, a fast pace of story, unexpected twists upon twists and emotion.
Carrying on from the last episode, the reveal of the Clairevoyant looked to be one of the agents themselves which seems to be the case in new dramas as the writers try to show their viewers the unexpected which is a great thing, you never want your characters to become predictable.
As the story begin with the SHIELD plane nearly getting blown up, I thought it was a brilliant shove into the story.
As the team were hounded by their own colleagues I began to feel really excited as to where the characters would retreat too and what their plans would be to stay alive.
I think it's fascinating to see characters thrown out of familiar enviroments and thrust into a world they don't like or feel they don't belong too.
Melinda May was given much more layers which allowed her to show her loyalties to the organisation and in fact was revealed to not be one of the so called bad guys.
I like the reactions from the rest of the team as they realised that the trust between them and her had been destroyed.
I don't think Skye brandishing a gun really fitted into her character but as she had now become an official SHIELD agent, it's a neccessity for them to yield a weapon even though I think Skye's weapon is her brain..... not literally because that would really be gross and she wouldn't be able to throw her brain if she was dead.
I'm relieved that Hydra was explained as I was worried I would lose a part of the story and therefore my faithful viewing would be for nothing. 
The relationship between Ward and Skye developed nicely and I was glad that they didn't just decide to delcare their feelings and then start getting physical; I think a real human approach worked to their advantage.
In addition, I was utterly gobsmacked as Ward killed his fellow friends and was revealed to be an agent of Hydra, his blank and stare like gaze gave a real sense of uneasiness to his character and kept my jaw firmly on the ground for a good few minutes afterwards.
A stunning, cleverly written, visual amazing episode!

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