Thursday, 24 April 2014

Buffy comic review season 9 volume 5 'The core'

Hello again,

This is currently the latest installment of the continuation of the Buffy universe. I think this volume was based around Xander and his developing love for Dawn and him realising how powerful his feelings are that had enablde him to lie to Buffy and Willow, finally admitting to them at the end that Simone (a crazy slayer terrorist turned vampire who believed slayer were superior to humans) had decidly doddled off as a rogue agent, and the Scoobie's xplaining that that wasn't what a slayer was.
Additionally, I found the story rather exciting as the gang went on another adventure to save a member of their family. It felt like the writer's were trying to showcase family orientation within the Buffy world and their courage to travel anywhere and do anything to save them.
As an enormous fan of Illyria and her blueiness I found this edition to be particularly loved in my fangirl favour as Illyria and Willow were in the same story even though they didn't really talk to one another.
I did think that Willow would have made some kind of commnunication with Illyria as the body she now inhabited was the person Willow used to find rather appealing.
The concept of Willow discovering a new seed of magic for the world was surprisingly poignant because I felt like her character was given a piece of herself that she thought she'd lost.
Buffy and Xander's relationship has left me puzzled during it progression in the comic seasons just because I can never distinguish if Buffy just loves Xander as a friend or whether there is something deeper there lying dormant within her. I shall have to wait and see but I don't think anything would change their relationship as Xander has proven in his story how deep his love for Dawn is.
The artwork was creatively dramatic with different styles of sketching the outlines of the characters and the use of colour to light different areas of the their faces, it was stunning!
Please bring me season 10..... NOW!

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