Thursday, 17 April 2014

Buffy review of episode 'Crush'.

Hello again, 

Recently, I've been watching season 5 of Buffy; not in order but ones that I feel I haven't engrossed myself in for a while.
And this episode has surely engrossed me and moulded my face into a permanent expression of laughter.
Crush focuses on Spike's ever increasing and dangerously twisted love for Buffy. Very rarely does a Buffy story open with the gang having actual happy times; dancing, laughing and making jokes.
I always feel like Buffy herself holds back with her friends; if I had Scoobies as friends, I'd be planning days out everyday of the week.
Spike is I think always at his best when he tries to act like a cool hunk of a guy when really he ends up acting like an awkward teenager who creates a date which consists of slaying a couple of pathetic vampires and offering her some bourbon out of his flask. 
Buffy's reaction was just simply brilliant- " Ewwww".
Drusilla's reappearance was a great edition to the story and tied in well with the Angel crossover.
Her character always make for an epic villain with her insanity and utter scariness when in vamp form. The song 'Keys' by Devics really captures the character of the terrible twosome as they prowl at the Bronze.
The fact that Spike told Buffy he would let Drusilla loose on her if she didn't admit to some feeling between them was unbelievably twisted, and he wonders why she couldn't love him.
The contrast between that story and the development of Joyce's story begins to flow along nicely as her daughters taunt her about her date with Brian.
I love watching their relationship with her and each other and cherish those moments when everything is warm, funny and happy.
I did find it rather odd that Spike ended up drinking the blood of a girl Drusilla killed.but for some reason Buffy didn't decide to kill her even though she knows the dreadful things she has done.
I kind of feel like if Buffy wanted Spike out of her life she could have just staked him. She said it herself that the only reason he hasn't killed anyone is because of the chip in his brain. I think it's because she can see that he's changing and could do some real good.
That's what I adore about this show; the characters are so complicated and unpredictable that you think you know them and then the choices they make completely throw you, to the point where you're like, "What the hell just happened"?!

Forever love the Scoobies!!

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