Saturday, 19 April 2014

Edward Scissorhands review!

Hello fellow readers,

After watching Edward Scissorhands it is now in my collection of favourite things ever! It becomes much more than just another Tim Burton film because his films are never just another film.
They are created with such creativity, imagination, passion, dedication and a unigue vision that makes this one extra special.
The premise that the film successfully manages to tell the audience is how a person would feel if they felt like they didn't belong somewhere which in this case is clearly exaggerated with Edward having scissors for hands. But the basic story is there which is told in such a weird but utterly magical way that I couldn't help but want to become Edward's friend and slap Kim's insane boyfriend round the face with a wet fish.
I think the relationship between Edward and Kim was a truthful and beautiful one that didn't feel predictable but felt that these characters genuinely loved one another.
Johnny Depp's performance was strangely innocent and somehow managed to express what Edward was feeling in his face without having to hardly move his a single muscle at all.
The ending I think was an honest conclusion and the realisation that Edward would be safer in an enviroment that only he knows and is comfortable with brought a satisfying sigh to me as I knew that he would be alright.
Kim's decision to lie to the whole town and tell them that Edward was dead was a courageous and selfish act which I think developed her character because it meant she knew she would never be able to be with Edward in the future.
A weird, imaginative and incredible piece of creativity and art = EPIC AND AWESOME!

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