Monday, 28 April 2014

Magic Monday - Top Ten Hans Zimmer

Welcome to Magic Monday with your resident Mistress of Magic! This week I want to alert you all to the amazing talent of German Film composer and music producer Mr Hans Zimmer. Some of you may have heard of him but I can almost guarantee that if you're reading this blog right now you've probably heard at least one track of his fantastic work. Still not convinced? Have you seen the latest Amazing Spider-man film? The Dark Knight? The pirates of the Caribbean perhaps? And let's face it everyone's seen the Lion King right? Zimmer has composed music for over one hundred films and they're just a few. I've always been a sucker for movie soundtracks,as one of our five senses it really can make or break a scene and after seeing The Amazing Spider-man 2 I've been asked many times if it was any good the first thing I've told everyone "The music is absolutely amazing!" The first thing I did when I got home from the cinema was buy me that soundtrack and I was pleased to learn the score was written by Hans Zimmer himself. So now, as an ode to the gentleman who's music has filled many a happy, dramatic, beautiful, tragic and intense moment with his art I give to you, my top ten (in no particular order) of Hans Zimmer which I'm sure many of you will recognise!

1. My enemy (Paranoia) from The Amazing Spider-man 2

2.  He's a Pirate from The Pirates of the Caribbean

3. Tennessee from Pearl Harbor

4. Chevaliers de Sangreal from The Da Vinci Code

5. Like a dog chasing cars from The Dark Knight

6. We are Free from The Gladiator

7. Once upon a time in Africa from Madagascar 2

8. An ideal of Hope from Man of Steel

9. Injection from Mission Impossible 2

10. This Land from The Lion King

As I've said these are just a few of the films he composed music for and I hope you've enjoyed listening to them as much as I have! Don't forgot to listen closely to the next film you see! Stay Magic guys ;)

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