Thursday, 17 April 2014

Review of the Postman Pat movie trailer!

Hello there, 

I've just seen the trailer for the Postman Pat movie and I feel myself thinking, "meh". It's not that I don't like Postman Pat; I do I LOVE Postman Pat, I used to watch it all the time when I was little.

But, I just felt like there wasn't really a story there; all it looked like to me was an animated version of all the Talent shows that I hate. Seeing characters that were clearly meant to Simon Cowell and the other judges just made me want to huff and puff like the magic dragon.

Also, the voices of the characters and particularly Pat himself; they didn't really work together or connect with the persona from the original series.

The animation was rather bold and simple which I think is why the characters lack something; they look very one dimensional.

However, there were some great highlights that were memorable to me like a Dalek chasing an elderly woman in a house shouting, " You will accept" over and over. I think that Nicholas Briggs should have been asked to be the voice for this Dalek just so that it sounded like a real, scary one!
The voice of this one was just an annoying computer like sounded like it had malfunctioned and been put on a loop.

Another highlight for me was hearing David Tennant's voice; now he is my favourite doctor and even though he has reverted back to his Scottish heritage I never grow tired of listening to awesomeness of his accent.

My first impression = meh

But watch it for yourself and see what you think! =)

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