Friday, 18 April 2014

Skulduggery book 9 title revealed!!!

Hello all,

I am shaking and trembling at the news that the title of the last ever Skulduggery book has finally been revealed.
Derek's thoughts and ideas behind it can be found on his blog which is on on the Skulduggery Pleasant website.
I liked his approach to the title when he discussed why he wanted it to rhyme and the fact that he needed a title that would feel like a final and epic one to polish off the last chapter of the whole story.
Now I will stop muttering on because I know that if you are a Skulbug like me; you just want to know what the title is.... soo..... here it is.....................

Skulduggery book 9= The dying of the Light!
I think some of my favourite characters are going to die.......... I must steal one of Derek's cat; have my revenge for this and also the fact that he killed Ghastly in a ghastly fashion in the Last Stand of Dead Men.

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