Friday, 25 April 2014

Will a Torchwood comeback ever happen?

Hello all, 

I've read many articles about Torchwood's revival and became quite annoyed at the fact that many people were saying that it didn't seem likely that the story would continue because of low ratings and the fact that some fans didn't like how apparently American the show had became.
I totally disagreed with this because to me I was just thrilled that there was another series of the show that's got so much vibrancy and uiqueness to it that it deserved to continue.
Admittedly, when I heard that series four was going to be mainly based in America, I was a bit like 'I don't know whether Torchwood will still be Torchwood', but after watching Miracle Day I knew instantly that this was still the very same show I had come to adore due to the fact that the characters of Captain Jack, Gwen and Rhys were still the same but had grown and each had found new lives for themselves but which still felt familiar.
Also, there were many episodes where the story was still based largely in Wales with Gwen trying to save her sick father from being cooked, then fighting to conceal him after wheeling him out of the concentration camp.
Personally, I felt that if this were to actually happen for real and there were a band of alien fighters who speicalised in strange alien phenomena then they would have to travel anywhere in the world to be able to deal with such an enormous catastrophe so in terms of storytelling, I think it was the right choice to be sending the main characters all over the world and not just keeping them in Cardiff.
Although, I think this is why a lot of people related to the show because they could genuinely believe that this world could exist close to where they live and therefore it was exciting and fascinating.
Even though it has been three years since series four; I am a faithful and dedicated Woodie who believes that a show this epic and unique will come back in one shape or form.
Even if there wasn't enough money to make another television series, how about a comic continuation? Just a thought.
I will forever wait for Torchwood because it's- RHYFEDDOL!

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