Saturday, 10 May 2014

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D The only light in the darkness review

As the season finale rapidly descends I feel like the last section of episodes have been a lot more devised than others.
This episode really focuses on each individual characters betrayals, loves and beliefs. It has to be my favourite of the series with the team having to under go an epic lie detecter test which enable the faithful viewer to get to know each character in greater depth.
The best lines came from Fitz and Simmons when asked if they were stuck on an island with a box, what would be in it to which Fitz replies 'Simmons' and Simmons replying with 'the TARDIS'.
I revelled in this and laughed at the sheer mention of anything relating to Doctor Who!
Ward's increasing betrayal escalates and Skye ends up discovering the truth about him after she finds the cute Eric dead but takes it in her stride by deciding that she's going to have to find out what he's after which I think really shows she how far her loyalties to SHIELD have grown.
Another geeky reason why this was a huge thumbs up from me was that the guest star was in fact Fred/Illyria from Angel.... OK it was actually Amy Acker but all I could see was Fred, Fred, Fred, FRED!
She played Coulson's lost love; Audrey who didn't have any idea that he was alive, well, why should she. Her telling of their introduction warmed my heart and I felt this was a really nice love between these two that felt very pure and devoted.
I liked the escaped villain whose power enabled him to drain the energy of any object or living thing. The sheer idea of this made his presence quite terrifying as all around him he was shrouded in darkness as he drained the energy from the light.
Fitz's dilemma of whether to admit to Simmons how he feels about her is just so great to watch because I'm not really sure if I want the relationship between them to change due to them being such a compatible pairing.
Suspense, action, emotion, rapid pace and exciting- this is where things become even more epic!
I better hold on to something!

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