Friday, 2 May 2014

Buffy review of Hush

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This is a big fan favourite of mine as it presents an almost silent episode so i'ts odd that the uniqueness of Buffy comes from the dialogue but here it's all about the expression and gestures that the characters emphasis.
Also, the monsters that appear are I think the scariest that has appeared on anything ever! There manic smiles, their silent hovering and the fact that they take people's voices to prevent them from screaming so that they can cut out their hearts which rather disturbing and horrifying in itself just creates a terrible fear.
The beginning brings a swarm of brilliant comedy between Giles, Xander, Anya and Spike as they argue over Spike staying in Xander's basement.
The dialogue seems to bounce off them like a tornado of ripping through the scene. I liked the development of Buffy and Riley's relationship and could relate to Buffy as she tells Willow that she becomes nervous and starts babbling.
Overall, this didn't seem to fit within the whole concept of the story but it did enhance the realisation that all the monsters and end of the world happenings always come along in the midst of normal, human challenges, experiences and events.
As the Sunnydale residents realise they have no voices and Giles lady friend happens to catch a glimpse of the Gentlemen that he concludes his suspicions on Fairy Tale monsters which he galiantly presents to the group in the form of graphic drawings and a projector.
Oh, and I have to point out that this is Tara's first appearance which makes me very happy as her adore this woman!
This is the start of an epic parnership which progresses amazingly as Tara and Willow realise how much power they possess when their together. I just want to give them an enormous hug!
As the action relies on the character's expressions and gestures I think this was brilliantly acted because of the way the actors could portray their well established characters just through a look or gesture.
Utterly scary and extraodinary!

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