Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Buffy review- The Wish

As the premise of this story is Cordelia blaming Buffy for basically everything bad that has happened to her even though the only reason that her supposed friends are giving her evils is because they all happen to think Xander is a loser which by definition is someone who accepts defeat with good or bad grace which in Xander's case may be the fact that he only accepts defeat is because he's a better person than that said person who is inflicting the pain onto him.
My view is that Xander is quite frankly one of the nicest if not the nicest and genuine people who actually goes to Sunnydale High.
What really bugs me in this episode is the fact that Cordelia breaks up with Xander and then whenever she interacts with him she treats him likes he's lower then she is just because he doesn't wear clothes that are considered fashionable and doesn't judge people.
Quite frankly, I think Xander was more suited to Anya because even though she did insult people quite a lot of the time, she isn't really aware that what she's doing is wrong whereas Cordelia knew exactly what she was doing....
Anyway, getting back to the story, I think it was an awesome idea to explore what Sunnydale would have been like if Buffy had never appeared which is such an amazing story to create and write because you get to see alternative realities to the one you are most familiar with which for a fangirl is like a bowl of cookie dough goodness in cult television terms.
The drastic change in the atmosphere is brilliantly conveyed in the background as Cordelia's wish suddenly comes to fruition. 
Students are hurrying about looking shaky and scared. Their clothes all dark and dull and to emphasis how different this Sunnydale is, the costume designers decide to give Cordelia a positively blinding blue dress to attract all the terrifying vampires that lurk in the shadows.
Furthermore, the vampires of the town who the majority of them probably survived due to Buffy's lack of presence were rather more disturbing and truly evil as they trapped people in cages and rawly ate some victims in the middle of the street as they knew who dominates the surrounding area.
Willow and Xander becoming vampires was a logical decision as that is probably what would've happened if Buffy wasn't there to save them.
Their relationship was very fascinating to watch as its so different to their comfortable, warm and loyal friendship to this dark, wicked and seductive one which Alyson Hannigan really manages to convey with the evil side of Willow's character with a slight change in tone and an innocent expression she displays like she actually believes she's a  vulnerable young girl. 
Buffy's character has become rather military like and I kind of think is this what she would have become like without her friend's influence. I think she would because knowing Buffy I think the friends she had in LA would not be true friends who would stick by her knowing she was a vampire slayer so I believe she would make slaying her mission for life.
The music that accompanies the Wish especially the climatic score has a haunting feel to its tune by its effect to make the atmosphere really brutal and shocking with its operatic swangsong accompanied by the slow motion sequence where The Master kills Buffy and there's nothing that can stop him is really something to be treasured.
The Wish is a cult favourite of mine with its brilliant story arc, exciting and complex characters, unique hilarity and stunning score- all of it makes a phenomenal piece of cult television.

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