Friday, 16 May 2014

Doctor Who- The Eleventh Hour review!!

The introduction of the Eleventh doctor comes zooming onto the screen as the story picks right up from the End of Time Part Two with the tardis seemingly on fire and heading for a wallop of a landing.
I found it strange that the tardis was hurling itself over London and then somehow goes back in time to a small town called Leadworth but I guess if a time machine was malfunctioning and about to explode then anything could happen.
Honestly though, I was so ingrossed in what was going to happen that I didn't really wonder for long.
The tardis then lands in the back garden of a little scottish girl -Amelia Pond's house where she asks Santa if he can send someone to fix the mysterious crack in her wall.
My immediate response to her was that this little girl has got some attitude and an actual personality where she's brave and not afraid to take risks.
As she discovers the doctor, I think the doctor's first line to another human since his regeneration is, 'Can I have an apple'? just sums up his incarnation perfectly because he's this intelligent, mad and powerful alien who at that moment all he wants is an apple, it's just brilliant!
Once they get inside, the doctor goes through multiple craving stances with him not quite knowing what this renegeneration likes but it seems he has unusual tastes with his fish fingers and custard.
However, I have to say I tried them last night and they did taste delicious with their sweetness, the combination was surprisingly yummy.
After their introductions, Amelia tells the doctor about the crack in her wall and there the doctor becomes intrigued and manages to deduct that it's two pieces of space and time that should never have touched.
I think after four series sometimes ideas can become repetitive but not on Who, I thought the idea of a huge eyeball and the notion that a simple crack in a wall could helm an imaginative sci fi alien in it.
I have a crack in my wall and after watching this episode I have always looked at it differetly and imagining what could be behind it or what was the cause of it.
With the tardis needing to rebuild, the doctor promises Amelia he'll be back in five minutes to which results in him being gone twelve years and discovering his little Amelia had grown considerably since thier last encounter and has taken to the role of a kissogram.
I hadn't heard of this before or even knew it was a thing but when I watched the scene where Amy (not Amelia) explains to the doctor what a kissogram actually is, I found that to be one of the best comedy moments in the story.
Karen Gillan's portrayal of Amelia is so mad it's like I've been hit in the face with a burst of personality when her mood changes from being sombre to locking the doctor's tie into a car door because she can't handle the fact that he's real and that the world was ending. She's awesome.
I found it strange seeing Rory as his clumsy and sensitive self but it was great seeing how he has grown and become braver and more confident.
Prisoner Zero was an interesting and scary new alien that I think was a threat but one that the doctor knew he could defeat and it was nice that it didn't detract from the doctor forming a bond with Amy and discovering who he was.
Going back to the beginning of the Eleventh Doctor's story I think he was a lot scarier without having to look it as he very calmly experiments with his new outfit and orders the Atraxi back to Earth to tell them that the Earth is protected.
This moment for me really showed the audience that this was the same alien that they saw in the End of Time but ultimately still holds the same beliefs and love for the Earth.
Some of the best moments for me in the Matt Smith's era with its full blown pace, witty and clever story, funny and strange characters and a new doctor that's like a child and old man all in one!

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