Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Sarah Jane Advenutres- Day of the Clown review

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          Introducing a new main character into the second episode of a new series is a tricky thing to pull off but the team on the SJA created a witty, funny, intelligent, inquisitive and curious character that wouldn't be afraid of the secret world that surrounded her. 
Rani Chandra was her name with the first screen appearance being rather clumsy as she stumbled over Clyde's shoe laces.
I liked this scene between the three of them as there was an instant chemistry between them all that was very enjoyable to watch because as Cylde stood there making jokes, Rani wasn't afraid to speak her mind and Luke stood there rather awkwardly missing Maria.
The villian of this piece was played by the hilarious Bradley Walsh who I've watched on the Chase and it's just really weird to see him being actually quite scary as Odd Bob the clown and the Pied Piper. He inhabits an American accent with a Texas twang that along with his make up redeems him as unlikely but very terrifying with his hiss of a laugh and the way he snatches children by gliding past them has made me wary of clowns.
There was an intelliegent script here as the story delved into Sarah Jane's past and revealed her fear of clowns and if Odd Bob was the same clown that was in her bedroom when she was little then I think she was destined to discover this strange and terrifying world even without the doctor's influence.
Elisabeth Sladen gives a beautiful performance as she realises that her son has been taken by Odd Bob, I really did feel her pain as I watched her expression turn to a cold fear and dread.
Concludingly, I found it fitting that this alien who feeds on fear should rightly be defeated by laughter although I myself didn't find the jokes that funny and I found myself shaking my head as Clyde shot from on to the next.
This is a creative, heart warming, rapid and curious story that does make you question what is fear and how we overcome it.

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