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Who's the greatest Doctor Who companion?

Hey there cult enthusiasts,

Welcome to my debate about who should the title of best companion on Doctor Who ever! I'm going to be going through the companions that I love and admit that I will miss some out because I haven't seen all of them in action.

 I will start with Rose; she was a sassy, brave, empathic and sometimes moody nineteen year old. Watching her journey was certainly incredible as she started as a girl who didn't have many aspirations and didn't believe she'd have a future- poor Mickey! to a caring, courageous, universe jumping time traveller who was inspired to defeat monsters and save the world!
Clearly, this places Rose high up on the board here as the first companion introduced into a new era of Doctor Who who definitely left a remarkable legacy to uphold; You don't give up, you say no, you have the courage to do what's right.

Next, I move onto Martha Jones; the feisty, intelligent and generous medical doctor who landed on the Moon. Her growth and personality changed over the course of one season. At the beginning she utterly fascinated by the wonders the Doctor showed her and fell in love with him which made her more vulnerable and unaware of who exactly the Doctor was. Towards the end though, once the Master rained supreme the Doctor had put his absolute trust in her and she became a global hero. Her bravery and determination to travel the world and tell stories of the Doctor to save the world really did make her a legendary hero. This is getting tricky!

Moving on to the hilarious Donna Noble; who's witty, roughness, warmth and madness was one of the most heartbroken companions and she didn't even know it as a cost of saving the universe from the Daleks and becoming half Time Lord, this new and improved Donna ultimately had to die to save her real self and forget about all the adventures and wonders she had seen.
In the end, her bravery and strength to save billions of lives was the key to her becoming a very memorable companion indeed.

Then there is Amy Pond who's fliratious, bonkers and very Scottish behaviour deemed her as a unique member of the Doctor Who family. Throughout her time in the TARDIS she didn't save the world all on her own but contributed to the many defeats and held the right frame of mind for justice. 
However, she was the saviour of the Star Whale and took the iniatitive to admit to the Doctor that he was wrong which is a very noble and brave thing to do which showed a real committment to saving planets, races and even the Doctor from himself.

Delving into the earlier years of Doctor Who, I have to include Jo Grant in this list; the funny, caring, witty, crazy and brave character who always no matter what stuck by the Doctor and only decided to leave his side to get married. But the reason why I believe she should have a rightful place in this list is because she was the only companion who sacrificed her life for the Doctor's on almost every adventure they went on which to me proves her devotion to him and the peace and harmony of the Earth and universe.

Lastly, this spot has to be awarded to the delighful Sarah Jane Smith who was a noisy, playful, clever, imaginative and strong minded woman who always stood up to the bad guys even after her travels with the Doctor. Her love for the Earth and the many races out there shown through and her acceptance of them helped people watching her to learn something about the world and themselves.

Now for the big reveal, (drum roll)- the winner is........... Everyone! Every single companion on this list and the ones I haven't mentioned are the greatest companion ever all in their own unique qualities because they all travelled with the Doctor and they all saved the world many times! 

Got you there didn't I!

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan at Philadelphia Comic Con!

Here's a real treat for us fans of The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond. Listen to stories from the set, fan questions answered and their views on the new series! Enjoy =)

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - New Trailer!

Here's the brand new trailer for Michael Bay's new Turtles movie, and I have to say I am looking forward to this, no matter how much negativity is still being thrown at it!


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Magic Monday: True Blood is back! S7 Ep1 Review

So True Blood is back with it's seventh and final season, the first episode aired last night and was a welcome return to a semi normal seeming story line instead of some of the crazy arcs we experienced in season six and being the last season this is much more preferable. A forewarning for you all, SPOILERS AHEAD.

The episode began with the customary "previously on True Blood" which was pieced together really well, ignoring a lot of the pointless bits (such as most of the vampire politics related arc) and perfectly served it's purpose and reminding us all what happened last time with out filling our brains with too much information and then continued almost seamlessly into the episode, taking off from the end of it's previous season where we have the humans and vampires of Bon Temps pairing up at a mixer to keep them all safe from the threat of the dangerous "hep B" vamps who are on the rampage. This does not go well as the hep B vamps attack anyway, feeding on all of the humans they can find and kidnapping Arlene, Holly and Sam's pregnant girlfriend. This is a great action packed start to the season where we get to see Sookie using her fairy mojo, Sam and Alcide in their respective canine forms and Tara using her vampire strength and speed to kick butt and protect her mum.

Before the opening credits even roll the fight has finished but Tara's mum is covered in sticky, bloody remains crying that they've killed Tara. Wow. Boom. Less than a couple of minutes in and it would appear we've already had our first death, as we didn't actually see it happen I won't take it as a certain or permanent death just yet but it was shocking none the less.

Next we're off to Merlottes in the aftermath of the attack and Sookie can't help hearing everyones thoughts as they blame her for the attack, including in part her now boyfriend, werewolf Alcide who she's now apparently in love with. This peeves me a bit, I know Sookie's love life has always been a bit on/off but this random turn with very little explanation (if any) annoyed me (and still does) immensely. This scene however does bring back the darker side of Sookies ability, in recent episodes it's been more of a gift but this brings the whole thing back home and shows that the huge price she must pay for her ability is always there.

We get to see most of the main characters and now back in their normal setting, it's a nice relief to have a fairly normal Bill Compton back so we can possibly ignore most of Season six along with the return of his noble ways we can also really see how all the characters have started to progress, we get to see that Jason especially is actually starting to almost grow as a person, he takes his job upholding the law much more seriously than the Jason of Season one or even two ever could and his character really is the better for that, even if he is hanging out with the sexy, firey vampire Violet who has decided to claim him as her own. We see Jessica hurting after she slaughtered all but one of Sheriff Bellefleurs children as she has vowed to protect the last remaining one and does so adamantly, even nearly meeting the sun herself to protect Adalene from a hep B vamp that's stumbled upon the Bellefleur house. Speaking of Bon Temps sheriff we actually see him and Bill almost respecting each other as  Andy defends Bill from a group of humans trying to take it upon themselves to take out the vampires.We even get to see a bit more from Willow, Eric's latest "child" who seems set to perhaps join the group of main characters for this final season, she is currently staying under the church after helping to heal Tara's mother.

Another new character is the vampire Jessica met in the previous season who would now appear to be dating our favourite red headed vamp and honestly, I'm pretty okay with that. This new vamp who has mysteriously (thanks to a recasting) changed from being a rather hot beach blonde to a broody dark headed bad boy who is pretty gorgeous, fairly deep and seems like a really good guy, knowing my track record he'll end up being a horrific mistake and probably behind all the bad stuff but a girl can hope right?

 We end the episode with what is left of the human citizens of Bon Temps convening in the church and we can hear their usual Sookie hating after Tara's mum flips at Sookie for trying to comfort her and although Sookie goes to leave she does a classic turn at the door for one last rant to the populace along the lines of, "I know more than you, get over yourselves you need my help" but with a nice Sookie twist so it sounds more like "I love this town, let me help".

 So that concludes the beginning of the end, one episode down, nine left to go, hopefully we'll see some more Eric before the end as when we last saw him he was caught short sunbathing naked on a mountain in the snow and subsequently caught fire, Pam is still looking for him so I'd imagine we haven't seen the last of him. Here's hoping. Check out the video before the official "in the coming weeks" video for season seven released by HBO themselves. 

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Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes - Second Trailer

Having loved the first rebooted Apes movie it's safe to say I'm loving the look of this sequel. This second trailer gives us a huge amount of new footage and really gets across the level of tension and stress we're going to see in the film. Great stuff.

Danger Mouse And Powerpuff Girls Returning To TV!

News hit last week that Cartoon Network would be bringing back the super-popular Powerpuff Girls animated series in 2016 for a new run having first premiered all the way back in 1998.

Pete Yoder, vice president of consumer products for North America, Cartoon Network Enterprises stated:

“As the original ambassador of ‘girl power,’ The Powerpuff Girls brand continues to resonate with people of all ages and there is tremendous excitement around introducing Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup to a new generation. With proven success and great content plans in place, there’s so much potential that we’re looking forward to explore with our licensing partners in the coming weeks.”

I know a huge amount of people that will be very happy about this news!

On top of this news we also found out that one of the cartoon show I grew up on 'Danger Mouse' is also returning to our screens, this time it's in 2015. DM last graced our TV's 23 years ago and was voiced by British legend David Jason. The show will return along with trusty sidekick Penfold for a 52 episode run on CBBC and the programme-makers have stated that DM will be spruced up with 2015 tech including an "I-patch" with state of the art functions instead of his old basic eye patch as well as many other minor changes. No news on the voice cast (David Jason again please!) or anything else at this time but as everything is revealed we'll hopefully be putting it up on here!

This poster below is the first look at what we'll see on the show. Awesome news. :)

The Expendables 3 - New Trailer

Could the world do without Expendables films? Yes. Do we want to live without Expendables films? No. They're awesome and the more action heroes added each time the better!

Here's the newest trailer for the third outing of The Expendables!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - First Clear Spoiler Image Of Shredder

The feedback following this image release (of Shredder facing off against Splinter and his enormous moustache) has been categorically negative, and feelings towards the movie based on the images and recent trailers have been equally so, but I'm a Turtle fan and I love all of this! I have faith. :P


The Inbetweeners 2 - First Full Trailer!

Gotta admit that I loved the first Inbetweeners movie (but then I was always a fan of the TV show too) and now we have our first full trailer for the second big screen outing!

Beware this is NSFW (not safe for work)!

The Equalizer - Trailer

Denzel Washington is a former black ops commando who fakes his death for a quiet life in Boston and then has to come out of retirement to rescue a young girl which then puts him face to face with Russian gangsters.

Denzel re-teaming with the director of Training Day? This can only go well. :)

Cool Pics From The Web - Megapost!

I've missed a few weeks of cool pics from the web recently so now we have ourselves another awesome megapost!