Friday, 13 June 2014

Doctor Who series 8 filming, should photos be posted online?

Hello there,

After recently discovering some tantalising photos of the latest Doctor Who episode to be filmed I thought to myself would it be better if we didn't have all these spoilers and speculations about upcoming stories because it's nice to leave it to your imagination and be blown away when you see the new trailer for the very first time!

Personally, as long as there isn't any detailed descriptions of the stories then I think it's quite nice to be given a taster of great things to come where you as a fan you can create your own ideas about what particularly is going on in that spoiler photo.

However, I do like to be surprised and not have any clue what's going to come along next so I think the constant stream of photos of the new series can be rather annoying but then no one forces me to look at the spoiler photos, they really are rather considerate because some websites even have the the word 'show' which you can press if you actually do want to read the spoilers.

I do like to tease myself and be like 'oh what could that mean'? or 'who's that'? but I wouldn't want to know anything in detail because you want to have that experience of having your heart beating out of your chest because it's new Doctor Who so hey hoo tease but not spoil the Doctor Who experience is my motto!

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