Friday, 6 June 2014

Sarah Jane Adventures Mark of the Berserker review

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If you're a dedicated and faithful fan of the Sarah Jane Adventures like myself then you will know that this episode centres around Clyde and how his sudden return of his father affects him and his Mum.
Also, there are many themes inlaced in this story as Clyde boldy asks his Dad why he left them and tries to figure out whether he should tell his Dad about this bonkers and excitiing life that he know leads.
Eventually, he does decide to tell him but not only that he takes him up to the attic and let's his Dad fiddle with Sarah Jane's alien gizmos.
For some reason I felt a bit irritated with Cylde's Dad being in the attic because there he was enthrusted into a new and amazing world that a lot of people would cherish whereas he doesn't look at this world and thinks it's exciting and fantastic, all he envisions is a new venture into making money.
From this point on, my likeness for him dwindled and I happily cheered on Cylde's mum into reaching her son in time before his Dad took him away.
What I found despicable was that even though Cylde's Dad was beginning to become a blue veined alien, he used the creepy alien necklace powers to make Clyde forget about the people that care and love him the most just for his own pathetic and selfish reasons.
See now this is the part where I care a lot about the characters and start rambling on about how others are treating them badly.
That's why shows created by Russell T Davies are so unique and phenomenal because he creates such engaging and interesting characters that are thrown into a strange world that you can explore and experience the stories with them.
This episode touches on the realisitic dilemmas of life like parent and child relationships that have been pulled into a strange and magical world that can sometimes help you to sift through those problems with a little help from the aliens!

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