Saturday, 21 June 2014

Who's the most awesome character in the Whedonverse?

As I have never seen Firefly; I know cult lovers are at this moment saying, 'What the hell"? but for me my loyalty and love only goes to the Buffyverse where in this compilation each character is given their most brillant compliments that made them so great and truly iconic.

There's a cool poll to vote for your favourite where unsurprisingly Buffy Summers come out on top and so well deserved too.
Spike came second and my all time favourite character Willow Rosenberg came in an incredible third place.
I was surprised that Wesley Wyndam- Pryce came in close second to Buffy but then thinking about it his development from when he first appeared in Buffy to his death in Angel his character is one of the most evolved and treasured of them all.
All I have to say is; where is Fred? She deserves to be on this list, come on she does, she really, really does, where's Fred?????????

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