Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Lego Movie review!

Hello Lego fans,

Recently I watched the awesome Lego movie again after the cinema thanks to my Mum buying the DVD for me.
I think the difficulty in making a believable film in the Lego universe could have been brain wracking but the intelligence of the film comes from a young boy creating the story which we then witness before our eyes.
The story surrounds an ordinary construction worker called Emmett who lives his life following instructions and trying to fit in with everyone.
After becoming permanetly stuck to the piece of Resistance that can prevent the Kragle (who the Lego people believe is the most important weapon in the universe because Lord Business prepares to permanently make all of the Lego universes to be fixed and stay the same) which is really is the cap that fits into a tube of glue from a human perspective.
But where the magic of this film is that we get to see both perspectives of the Lego world and the real world.
One of the aspects of the film that makes it unique is the hilarity that comes mainly from Emmett. The responses he shows when he first sees Wildstyle and when he's being chased by the Robocops is always a guarantee for an hysterical time.
Seeing these legendary toys brought to life in wacky and strange creativity is a delight and the story is one that you could only see in a Lego film and truefully gives an important and positive message about everyone being important.
Also, the brilliant 'Everything is awesome' song is ultimately the most ridiculous and ear curling song that I sing when I become a bit hyper.
I have to applaud the animation makers who worked so tirelessly to make the visual aspect so dazzling and stunning in its colour and the movements of the Lego bricks like how the ocean rolled and when Emmett and his friends enter Cloud Cuckoo land.
Everything about this film is awesome!

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