Saturday, 27 September 2014

Doctor Who- The Caretaker Review

Hello again readers, 

Right zooming into the crux or root of what this episode is actually about. Clara trying to juggle her opposing lives that are starting to collide with each other in dramatic and hilarious fashion.
One such highlight was when Clara encountered fish people, bundled herself into a taxi with Danny waiting her hair soaked and a piece of seaweed hanging from the ends. Shifting between different situations where the Clara comes to a point where she has a moment for weakness where she believes she cannot sustain her tuburlent life. 
I like seeing a focus on Clara's character and how she becomes increasingly distressed when she feels she cannot control her life. I think I can relate to that a little bit; I like to be organised and feel like I have some control over my life which is one of the many qualities that the companion can bring- relatability and familiarity.
Delightedly, stories that involve the doctor trying to fit into human socialities absolutely hilarious and bonkers at how well he thinks he's doing (his written sign for humans to keep out.) a fitting example.
As Danny and Clara's relationship reaches an important point when he discovers who the doctor really is which was a fantastic point in the characters stories because Danny's reaction felt fresh and quite natural.
The robot Skovox Blitzer was an impressive invention even when my focus wasn't really on how menacable it was I felt its role in the story was balanced nicely and I did genuinely feel its destructive power when it locked onto its target it fired straight away not even considering that there would be another option.
The doctor thinking that Clara's boyfriend was one of the teachers who looked like his previous self was funny in his expression and his reluctance to believe that she would like someone who doesn't resemble or represent him in any way shape or form.
Regarding Courtney Woods character was a light relief and her introduction with the doctor was surprisingly entertaining and an unlikely comical moment. 
Also, I was relieved that her character wasn't two dimensional and not stereotypical that I think some child characters are made to be. i.e Angie
What I noticed in this episode was how much of the relationship has changed into a protective fatherly one instead of the flirty romance one that it first started out as.
I could see the doctor was jealous when Danny was in the TARDIS but not the way we would think but more of a 'Clara should only want to listen to me and talk to me, not this other man'.
Something did puzzle me though as to why would the doctor allow Courtney a trip in the TARDIS after the last time he almost got both of the children killed or to put it accurately turned into cybermen. Would Clara really allow one of her pupils a trip in space and time knowing how dangerous it is? I'm assuming there is a point to this to show the doctor's softer/mellower side maybe, I'm not sure.
Anyway, so much delight, laughter and moving moments from a great writer- Gareth Roberts. One of my favourites of the series. Thank you for reading!

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