Saturday, 20 September 2014

Doctor Who Time Heist Review

Hello again,

The adventure begins with the doctor observing the intricacies of how humans wash their clothes and him completely oblivious to why Clara looks all dressed up for her second date with those ferocious eyebrows. 
The reason for the episode to begin in Clara's flat was I think to gradually show the doctor how he's impacting upon Clara's life by luring her into another adventure. I know Steven Moffet said that this series was going to focus on the more dangerous aspects of travelling with the doctor which I think is a good way to go because people who do travel with the doctor always believe that he is going to save them when realistically he won't always. 
In direction terms, the shifting of settings and the slow motion sequences was really very cool and reminded me of the really sophisticated thriller films that I love.
The quick shot of Clara and Danny was rather sweet and funny when they both shouted 'NO'! when a pupil walked into the classroom but to be fair it's their own fault if they decide to do the kissing in a school in which they work. 
Psi and Saibra's character could have had a bit more depth to them and history because without it it was hard to feel any emotional connection to them when I thought they had died.
Their powers were cool though and very sci-fi which was a lot of fun. The Teller who detects guilt was such an awesome creation and the sight of the man who's brain turned to soup was really disgusting.
I could really see Clara's frustration when the doctor didn't seem to take any notice of the fact that Saibra had died and he just seemed to shrug it off. These were snippets of Clara's journey coming to an end because I feel like her character doesn't want to have to keep slipping from one world to the next without going insane. It's understandable.
Similiarly, I believe that if you're going to travel with the doctor you should commit to it or not travel with him at all because when those two worlds collide it would be hard for anyone to have to try to juggle them at the same time.
This is because if you go for an adventure and then end up being away from your life on Earth then you're going to age quicker and miss out on events whether you manage to travel back to the right time or not.
I think this is why Clara is starting to feel like she can't handle both anymore because she's changed and so has the doctor.
Opposite thought I had was how much I loved Clara's outfit in this episode; it was sharp and machor she looked magnificent and weirdly it made her fit in quite well in the bank.
The story felt very doctory for him to risk other lives to save another species which I enjoyed because it showed that the doctor does care he just doesn't always show it and is also really complicated.
Slick, reassuring, pacey and smart. See you next week and thanks very much for reading. Hope  you enjoy the next episode!

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