Saturday, 25 October 2014

Agents of SHIELD- Season 2 Episode 1- Shadows Review

Yay, the agents of Shield from the Marvel comics are back with ferocity and some snappy dialogue.
After the epic conclusion to the first season I was sceptical at how the writers were going to better themselves for season two.
Cleverly, they have done so with a mystery that began in 1945 in Austria where a strange silver object was in the hands of Nazi soldiers. 
The present Shield team come across the strange markings on the box that contains said same one.
The misson was on as they pummelled and zapped their way into a US government storage facility to retrieve the box and learn about the object's origins.
It was a thrill to see the team again; Mai was as stern and kick ass as usual but with a hint of warmth this time around, Skye- well it certainly isn't just her hair style that has changed. Mai has been training her and she seems to have obtained a militaristic attitude to Shield and it feels like she has become confident in the role that she plays within the team which is a brilliant development for her character. Then there is Coulson; the kind and righeous leader who feels a little more authoriative and unsympathetic then last season. The contrast is a great way to show that the characters have actually been affected by the stories that have happened to them. And not forgeting Fitz; the sweet Scottish scientist who I was surprised to see awake and physically active.
What the writers have done well here is that the audience are seeing what Fitz sees which is Simmons talking to him, motivating and comforting him that he will get better when in reality Simmons isn't really there and turns out that Fitz has been talking to himself. Once I made that discovery it was a very poignant moment to know that he still needs his buddy scientist to help him out.
I did find that it was a bit out of character for Simmons to just leave him but I'm hoping that she will be back before long.
Now a really impressive super villian appeared in this corker of a opener; named the Crusher, this insanely muscled baddie has the ability to obtain the material of any object that he touches which means he can blend into the surface of walls, make cars flip over his steel made body and for some weird reason likes the feeling of it. The power is too much for this guy.
I had no idea that the team were going to keep Ward close by but then decided it made sense to get valuable information out of him. His character really interests me because he is so unpredictable, I never know when he's lying or telling the truth which does make the story more exciting when he is involved.
We didn't really have long to get to know the new team members as two were killed by the Crusher but the British one (I am going to call him that because I can't remember his name) did survive so I'm intrigued to find out a little bit more about his history and how he waas recruited to Shield. 
The structure of the new agents were given enough substance and character to tell you a little about thier history and the snappy responses to each others interactions made them fit well into the group.
Coulson's speech about the team becoming like ghosts, shadows to protect people and the world was a surpremely important representation of the organisation and why I love it so much.

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