Saturday, 11 October 2014

Doctor Who- Mummy on the Orient Express Review

Here we are again, 
 Another whomper of a story following on from the whooper that was Kill the Moon!
A sliding camera zoom along the skeleton of the grand Orient Express train in space begins the thrilling adventure.
The 1920's period is a favourite of mine with everyone sounding very posh and proper- it is very hilarious to hear them in such a horrifying situation.
Which brings me onto the magnificent creation of the Mummy; the detail of his ragged bandages and his ribcage lying beneath was surreal in how real it looked. An applaud is due!
The 66 seconds to live was an immediate up level of the suspense of the deaths of the passengers and their sudden inevitability.
As the doctor and Clara entered into the story I was a bit confused as to how much time had passed since their quite big spate but once they started talking it was all fine- this was their last hoorah but not really...
I really enjoyed the awkward atmosphere that surrounded their conversation, it was no surprise that the doctor was trying to hide behind his explanation of where they were and all the facts and figures.
The story ended up somewhere I very gladly accepted because of the shifting setting from the 20's to a futuristic science lab with the passengers being physicists, doctors and holograms.
Particularly, I found that Peter Capaldi's incarnation is the most outwardly complicated in fact that in one scene the doctor supposedly persuades Clara to bring Maisie to her death rather coldly but then admitting that he had to make the mysterious Gus think that he was going to let the Mummy kill Maisie.
However, this was definitely not the case when he implanted all of Maisie's guilt and weaknesses into his mind so that the Mummy would come after him. He concluded that the Mummy was a century old soldier who just wanted the passengers to surrender.
Clara's reaction to the doctor persuading her to lie to Maisie about him saving her was a sequence I was hoping for and it didn't disappoint.
The appearance of Frank Skinner was a nice addition to the piece and his character fitted in really well especially with the doctor.
Never before has the companion looked at time travel as an addiction; this is a really positive thing for the writers to do because it shows that each companion sees travelling in space and time differently as they should.
Even though Clara asked the doctor if he thought the travelling was an addiction I think she was just pointing it out to herself or secretly letting the doctor know that this is her opinion on what the travelling feels like.
I'm just glad that Clara has decided to stay for a while longer but obvious that her feelings and fears of this life she leads are still there but just buried slightly deeper into her subconscious.
Her enthusiasm for new planets and adventures got me jumping and saying 'Yay let's go'! Whoo!
Wonderfully atmospheric, very scientific and a great evolution for the doctor and Clara.

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