Sunday, 30 November 2014

Agents of Shields Season 2 Episode 6 Review

Events are taking an even more dangerous turn for the Shield team as the UN meeting is disrupted by a group of military monkeys who don't blink twice as they start massacaring the entire conference.
As soon as the team about this are they on a roll with Mai with her own band of fighters hopping their way to Japan, Coulson interrogates Ward's brother- Christian who happens to be the senator wants Ward to be transferred to him.
This is one of Coulson's very bad decisions as Ward makes his escape with just a pair of handcuffs and a few soldiers between him and the world. I would have thought that Coulson would have increased the amount of security as he knows how skilled Ward is.
I really enjoyed the conflict between Fitz and Simmons as this hardly ever happens with these two. I can understand why Simmons finds it difficult to be around Fitz because she knows that she makes him worse. I hope these buddies can start to make their way back to where they were at the beginning of the first season. I know their relationship will never be as it was before but I'm hoping it can resemble some of the good times.
It was very exciting which of the Ward brothers to believe, to be honest I think they are lying about each other because after the stories they have told how could you trust any of them?
Whatever will Ward do next????????? 

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Agents of Shield season 2 A Hen in the Wolf House Review

Another week, another tremendous episode for the Shield team. A wedding reception is duly interrupted by the guests being poisoned which turns their mouths to what looks like stone. It was a bit of a mystery why this introduced at the beginning of the story but then never resolved later on. Hopefully, the writers are saving it for next week. 
As the main objective for the characters in this episode is to retrieve the Obelisk from the hands of Skye's father didn't latch too far on holding its priority as the justification for Skye's father to be induced into the facilities of the team.
What it did achieve was forming a reason for he and Shield to collide, which in this instance, doesn't happen at all. In fact, Skye's father almost tiptoes around them, watching them through on an Ipad in his car through a CCTV camera. I wander if all he wants is to see Skye again why not just openly step forward and get to know her? Ha, because he knows that Shield knows that he's up to some plan forming that outwardly will be catatrosphic for the whole planet. And is he even her real father, what real proof do we or the characters have?
At least we have the reassurance that Simmons is safe and back with the team. Her reunion with Fitz felt irregular and abnormal because we familiarise with the pair constantly theorising and communicating with each other in a comfortable and telling form, but this scene brought lots of emotions still felt from the last season that hefted an awkward silence and stunted unawareness of where to go, perfectly where those characters needed to be brought.

Intriguingly, the symphonious declaration that Coulson believes Skye could be an alien was calming in its execution and let slip a quick comedic taste for the story to dip into.
More importantly, I have a theory- if Skye is indeed an alien, was it the result of the alien DNA that was injected into her, or has she always been an alien but has subconsciously diguised her true form? Mmmmm.... (scratches head, raise eyebrow.... forgets about writing this review...... and drifts.....away).

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Agents of Shield episode 4 Review

Whoah! An undercover themed story, I love those, and with Mai desperately trying to hold up a smile whilst mingling was a comforting hilarity.
A snapshot of the team securing their way into an insanely huge mansion demonstrated the team's intelligence and brings you right into the skeleton of the story.
I was grateful that the writers decided to layer the foundations surrounding Coulson and Mai's complicated relationship that in some aspects appears to be a friendship filled with respect and trust that doesn't need to be steeped in a romantic sense. Although they do dance well together but could hide their communication with the rest of the team more subtly.
Hydra in an opposing enemy to Shield continues to grow ever stronger as their motivations are gently manisfesting themselves into retrieving powerful objects that can cause catatrophic harm to others. They have a serious obsession with controlling people to do the work for them. 
Oh yes, now the action scenes between Mai and... well Mai were spectacular. With quick, energy fuelled, sharp swipes that could be felt through the screen had me filled with my own adrenaline.
My admiration for Fitz continues with his wonderful saving the team once more with his knowledge of mechanical engineering. I felt a connection with his struggle of socialising with the team as I myself continue to find my social skills are somewhat weak in communication. 
Finally, the ever expanding mystery surrounding the unknown carvings that Coulson had found to be etched on the back of a five hundred year old painting that the team set out to retrieve, sets a fascination with within the alien language that he and Mai try to analyse its meanings.
What could this mean for the team when Mai acts out her promise to kill Coulson to stop the power that he holds within? Is there a connection with hydra and these carvings that have featured so predominately? This is what this series achieves so fluidly, these are constant questions for the audience to ask; which is all that matters.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Doctor Who Death in Heaven Review

Crying, that's what I'm doing right now.
Well, where to start, OK logically I will start with the return of UNIT; the marvellous Kate Stewart wades her way through this army of cybermen as if they were flies and Osgood, well she is utterly brilliant- quoting the eleventh's 'Bow ties are cool' shows she becomes as obsessed with the doctor's outfits as the we fans do!
Slightly less timid and more confident in her position with the historic organisation, happily playing with her position by sweetly offering to take a picture of The doctor and Missy, then 'Wham'! out scatters UNIT with it's force and power wading through the two time lords with strategy and justification.
So many fabulous reminders of the past; the 60's cyber head, portrait of the Brigadier, the doctor saluting the cyber Brigadier after he so galliantly shooting for master as he never got to do back in the old days.
Missy just ramped up her 'bananas' behaviour to a madness that is so weirdly stunning in her brutality and positive attitude towards the devastation she creates around her, she KILLS OSGOOD! Pulverised in a blink of an eye! O dear lord how my heart sank..
I was quite stunned when the doctor asked her why she came back and she replied that she wanted her friend and to remind the doctor that they are the same. I saw a slight vulnerability and loneliness to her that I think should definitely be developed because the master can't really be dead; she's a time lord like the doctor and the doctor has escaped death so many times it's hard to count!
Once I saw those cybermen clawing there silver fingered way out of those graves I actually felt really terrified of these foes since they returned in Rise of the Cybermen. The fact that they are don't communicate much throughout the story is quite a big factor of my fear of them. Silent killers are always the most horrifying.
Now I have reached the point where I have to mourn for Danny Pink; a character I have grown to really adore has been converted into a cyberman, has to listen to Clara talking about how she will always put the doctor first and then having to ask her to take his humanity away from him was moving in the most gut wrenching way possible. When she points the sonic screwdriver towards him, I was hit with an eruption of sadness for both of them.
Thank god someone survived; Kate Stewart- the endearing leader of the future protection of Earth.
A lip trembling ending for the doctor and Clara; she lies about Danny being alive and the doctor says that he's found Gallifrey- that pesky Missy cannot help herself but wind the doctor up.
I wanted to reach out for Clara when she walked off by herself and the doctor lied for a selfless reason this time- to make it easier for Clara to distance herself away from him. Thankfully though, she's coming back for Christmas!
A compelling,  weird, shocking, heartwarming, disturbing and an epic conclusion to the twelfth's doctor first season! 
(Now all I have to do is wait for the boxset and travel with him and Clara all over again!)

Agents of Shield Episode 3 Review

Hello all,

I think this episode should have suitably been called Simmons Mission which was certainly my favourite of the series so far; it was Simmons galore!
Underestimating Simmons, I was surprised to see that she was working undercover for Hydra and she hadn't left Fitz for no reason- hoorah!
The menacing brainwashing that Hydra undertakes is I'm guessing to form an army of some kind which I think if you about it is a weak way in which to build alliances.
There were some big character developments for Skye as she killed Donny (engineer who can freeze people) in a swift and militant boldness that did make me sit back and think she can really be capable of some very dangerous actions.
Not only that, but Fitz demonstrating what it's like to Ward to be brain damaged by deducing the amount of oxygen in his little containment was so quite exilarating and harrowing to watch.
I loved the sequence where we got to see the routine that Simmons has been going through for a good long while.
She is so sweet and adorable that I could listen to her talk about science for an eternity and finally Coulson decided to tell Fitz that Simmons felt for an assignment not because she didn't care.
His face brought so much hope and relief to his character that I wept inside for him. I cannot wait for their reunion.
Mai brings loads of eye pinching humour and wit that shifts between the many secrets that continue to come spilling out of this team every episode. 
There are so many layers and complexity to the team's motives that makes the stories so masterful and complelling to invest myself in for an hour.
Thrilling, shocking, moving and adrenaline fuelled- my favourite of the series so far!!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Doctor Who Dark Water Review

Huh? What?

Wha, wha, what just happened? Missy is the master!!!!!!! One of the doctor's resilient enemies has found her way back into the doctor's life. And has changed gender, never before has a time lord proved that the result of their regeneration could literally be anything. It was spectacular to see an incarnation of one of my favourite villians in such a stark contrast to their predessors- it literally blew my mind. 
Michelle Gomez brings so much snappy and playfulness to her performance that I felt the master was actually enjoying being a female and wanted to bath in the doctor's helpless and blind sighted vision.
So as the beginning of episodes go, my heart was abruptly ripped out of my chest as Danny was tragically killed in a traffic accident. This felt very far from the Who universe as a central character was taken from the audience in such ordinary circumstances.
A very heroic and selfless act for Danny was when he kept telling Clara he loved her to make her believe that he wasn't himself so that in turn she would get to live. That moment was for me the core of who his character is. I hope in some form in does survive.
A very disturbing explanation about what happens to you when you die felt very hideous when it was stripped down and emphasised through those three words. That the dead are still conscious as their previous bodies are horridly undertaken under the knife or thrown into a torrent of flames is mind numblingly terrifying.
However, the complex thought and decision that has been compiled together is astounding and enormously thought provoking and grips the eyes to the screen as if they were magnets. 
Clara is pulled through into a mess of emotions that sees her betraying the doctor by thinking she can persuade the doctor to bring Danny back if she throws all of his TARDIS keys into an ocean of lava was groundbreaking concerning their relationship. But, oh it's only a dream which the doctor conducted to see how far Clara would take the situation. I think this could have influenced the doctor to decide to help Clara bring Danny back and is in a moment a glimpse into Capaldi's doctor showing a slice of compassion towards his friend.
The applauling realisation that these cybermen are in fact people who have died is a dreadful thing to have to comprehend.
Now this episode is very dark but not without some cracking humour filled scenes; Missy kissing the doctor, the doctor oblivious to the cyber eye symbols on the sliding doors and his need for Clara to show some attitude and scepticism.
Something really cool was the x-ray water where only organic matter can be seen in the water which is why we could only see the skeletons and not the outer metal shell of the cybermen.
I have so many questions; why has Missy decided to team up with the cybermen? How did she escape from Gallifrey? Why did she regenerate?
In addition, I have a theory- after all the defeats and the victories against the master, why has Missy decided to come back and try to conquer Earth? Is it because once the Earth is gone she thinks that the doctor will stay with her? Does she have some kind of bond or feelings towards the doctor that maybe she wants to try and acknowledge? She has had so many opportunities to kill him and has always decided against it? Why? I need to know!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Agents of Shields season 2 Heavy is the Head Review

Hello there readers,

The conclusion of a story that is only the second chapter of a suspense fuelled, ass kicking story thread.
As Kroel (I think that's how you spell his name) is still on the loose pacing himself around in cafes on the high road to meet with Hydra.
Hydra itself feels like a very intellectual and strange opposition to the Shield team, no doubt their aims to dominate the world probably bring them into the rather insane spectrum of motivations.
Although I think that some of Hydra's agents i.e. Ward believed that what they were doing was for the greater good but even thoughts and perspectives have probably twisted and manipulated them into something too horrifying to comprehend.
Alas, there was Mai zooming after Kroel on her very cool motorbike ready to blast his head from the rest of his body.
I wander though how does she never sweat in such humid conditions and with the additional black leather to adhere to it must be quite a challenge to move around in. But it's Mai so she can do anything.... most likely.
Let's not forget Fitz who in this episode managed to feel like himself again when he realised that he had already created a device which would be able to stop Kroel. Go Fitz!
I'm terrible with names so I am going to call him the British agent of the Shield team. Now he looked like he was going to be a valuable member of the team but then he zapped the rest of his fellow agents with ice guns/rays to avenge Hartley's death.
Truth be told, it didn't go altogether that well as Coulson had to intervene and personally attach Fitz's brilliant device onto Kroel's back.
The British agents's character kept swifting between the justicification of his morals which was very tense and adrenaline fuelled because I was always on edge trying to figure out what he would do next.
A fascinating part of the episode was when Coulson started to stratch out some kind of what looked like a computer style pattern that you would find on a hard drive. It will be interesting to find out what it means and where the patterns or circuits have originated from.
Finally, we get to see Skye's dad and it's Bree's husband from Desperate Housewives! He's a very creepy and unnerving addition to the story but one I think will play a vital role in. Is he human or not? I'm kind of hoping not, it's more fun that way!