Saturday, 8 November 2014

Agents of Shield Episode 3 Review

Hello all,

I think this episode should have suitably been called Simmons Mission which was certainly my favourite of the series so far; it was Simmons galore!
Underestimating Simmons, I was surprised to see that she was working undercover for Hydra and she hadn't left Fitz for no reason- hoorah!
The menacing brainwashing that Hydra undertakes is I'm guessing to form an army of some kind which I think if you about it is a weak way in which to build alliances.
There were some big character developments for Skye as she killed Donny (engineer who can freeze people) in a swift and militant boldness that did make me sit back and think she can really be capable of some very dangerous actions.
Not only that, but Fitz demonstrating what it's like to Ward to be brain damaged by deducing the amount of oxygen in his little containment was so quite exilarating and harrowing to watch.
I loved the sequence where we got to see the routine that Simmons has been going through for a good long while.
She is so sweet and adorable that I could listen to her talk about science for an eternity and finally Coulson decided to tell Fitz that Simmons felt for an assignment not because she didn't care.
His face brought so much hope and relief to his character that I wept inside for him. I cannot wait for their reunion.
Mai brings loads of eye pinching humour and wit that shifts between the many secrets that continue to come spilling out of this team every episode. 
There are so many layers and complexity to the team's motives that makes the stories so masterful and complelling to invest myself in for an hour.
Thrilling, shocking, moving and adrenaline fuelled- my favourite of the series so far!!

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