Sunday, 23 November 2014

Agents of Shield season 2 A Hen in the Wolf House Review

Another week, another tremendous episode for the Shield team. A wedding reception is duly interrupted by the guests being poisoned which turns their mouths to what looks like stone. It was a bit of a mystery why this introduced at the beginning of the story but then never resolved later on. Hopefully, the writers are saving it for next week. 
As the main objective for the characters in this episode is to retrieve the Obelisk from the hands of Skye's father didn't latch too far on holding its priority as the justification for Skye's father to be induced into the facilities of the team.
What it did achieve was forming a reason for he and Shield to collide, which in this instance, doesn't happen at all. In fact, Skye's father almost tiptoes around them, watching them through on an Ipad in his car through a CCTV camera. I wander if all he wants is to see Skye again why not just openly step forward and get to know her? Ha, because he knows that Shield knows that he's up to some plan forming that outwardly will be catatrosphic for the whole planet. And is he even her real father, what real proof do we or the characters have?
At least we have the reassurance that Simmons is safe and back with the team. Her reunion with Fitz felt irregular and abnormal because we familiarise with the pair constantly theorising and communicating with each other in a comfortable and telling form, but this scene brought lots of emotions still felt from the last season that hefted an awkward silence and stunted unawareness of where to go, perfectly where those characters needed to be brought.

Intriguingly, the symphonious declaration that Coulson believes Skye could be an alien was calming in its execution and let slip a quick comedic taste for the story to dip into.
More importantly, I have a theory- if Skye is indeed an alien, was it the result of the alien DNA that was injected into her, or has she always been an alien but has subconsciously diguised her true form? Mmmmm.... (scratches head, raise eyebrow.... forgets about writing this review...... and drifts.....away).

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