Saturday, 8 November 2014

Doctor Who Death in Heaven Review

Crying, that's what I'm doing right now.
Well, where to start, OK logically I will start with the return of UNIT; the marvellous Kate Stewart wades her way through this army of cybermen as if they were flies and Osgood, well she is utterly brilliant- quoting the eleventh's 'Bow ties are cool' shows she becomes as obsessed with the doctor's outfits as the we fans do!
Slightly less timid and more confident in her position with the historic organisation, happily playing with her position by sweetly offering to take a picture of The doctor and Missy, then 'Wham'! out scatters UNIT with it's force and power wading through the two time lords with strategy and justification.
So many fabulous reminders of the past; the 60's cyber head, portrait of the Brigadier, the doctor saluting the cyber Brigadier after he so galliantly shooting for master as he never got to do back in the old days.
Missy just ramped up her 'bananas' behaviour to a madness that is so weirdly stunning in her brutality and positive attitude towards the devastation she creates around her, she KILLS OSGOOD! Pulverised in a blink of an eye! O dear lord how my heart sank..
I was quite stunned when the doctor asked her why she came back and she replied that she wanted her friend and to remind the doctor that they are the same. I saw a slight vulnerability and loneliness to her that I think should definitely be developed because the master can't really be dead; she's a time lord like the doctor and the doctor has escaped death so many times it's hard to count!
Once I saw those cybermen clawing there silver fingered way out of those graves I actually felt really terrified of these foes since they returned in Rise of the Cybermen. The fact that they are don't communicate much throughout the story is quite a big factor of my fear of them. Silent killers are always the most horrifying.
Now I have reached the point where I have to mourn for Danny Pink; a character I have grown to really adore has been converted into a cyberman, has to listen to Clara talking about how she will always put the doctor first and then having to ask her to take his humanity away from him was moving in the most gut wrenching way possible. When she points the sonic screwdriver towards him, I was hit with an eruption of sadness for both of them.
Thank god someone survived; Kate Stewart- the endearing leader of the future protection of Earth.
A lip trembling ending for the doctor and Clara; she lies about Danny being alive and the doctor says that he's found Gallifrey- that pesky Missy cannot help herself but wind the doctor up.
I wanted to reach out for Clara when she walked off by herself and the doctor lied for a selfless reason this time- to make it easier for Clara to distance herself away from him. Thankfully though, she's coming back for Christmas!
A compelling,  weird, shocking, heartwarming, disturbing and an epic conclusion to the twelfth's doctor first season! 
(Now all I have to do is wait for the boxset and travel with him and Clara all over again!)

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