Saturday, 27 December 2014

Agents of Shield season 2 episode 10 review

The mid-season finale has arrived and the majesties of the origins of obelisk and the hidden city.
So Skye finally meets her Dad; it shifts between her pointing out his hideous crimes, a hidden agenda to let him know that they could never have any sort of relationship yet when he sings a song that she heard when she was younger brings maternal emotions that bleed from her. This is a great contrast in emotion and history between the two the best part of this scene is Skye's discovery of it all.
As the team's lives are in danger with the walls shaking violently around them I was fascinated with the camera work that produced the stunning reveal of Raina and Skye being turned to stone and then becoming these new beings although I don't think the transformation had actually happened yet.
As a fan I couldn't really ask for a more exciting, vibrant, explosive, stomach churning episode drama and action!

Doctor Who Last Christmas review

Hello all, I hope you all had a jolly good christmas!
With christmas there comes food prefably high in sugar based, presents, lights, music, games and Doctor Who!
Last Christmas was an astounding piece of festive storytelling but the core structure could have been an episode that features in the series.
The complexity and sophisticated interlocking of the dreams upon dreams was an intelligent and immensely compelling notion from Steven Moffet with the frustrating incapability of decifering between what is real or not was a fantastic ingredient that made this episode one of the strongest and most enjoyable to make me watch the episode three times already since Christmas day! 
I couldn't fathom whether Santa was real only in the dream world but then I remembered the doctor showing a picture of him and Santa to Kazran in a Christmas Carol.
The dream scene with Clara and Danny was very sweet, warm and magical like dreams should be but then as the camera cuts back to the dream crabs crumbling from their victims faces, I was very impressed with the balance of melting warmth to the cold terror of the menacing beasts.
For once there is an actual happy and jolly ending with the doctor realising he's been given a second chance; he certainly grabs it with both hands.
Clara's alive and back in the TARDIS; one fatality with the rest filled with memories of Santa and a good old tangerine.... Next stop the magician's apprentice!
My favourite christmas episode ever!

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Happy Christmas From!

Hi all!

It's the end of Christmas Day here so here's hoping you all had a great day with lots of awesome food, presents, and all around fun. And here's also hoping that Boxing Day is just as good! Have a great few days and a great New Year too.

I'll be back to posting soon, promise.

Kryptonian Warrior

Monday, 22 December 2014

Agents of Shield season 2 episode 9 review

As a culmination of the team's search for the mysterious city prevails in this episode; I couldn't help but feel like this season is certainly more sci-fi. The unknown origin of the city with its intrinsic markings and the possession of Mac with his red eyes and super strength brought the apprehension and uncertainty to a climax as the rarity of a hidden force being one of compassion and pacifism just doesn't thrill us geeks.
I held my breath as Simmons nearly fell into the entrance to the city and her emotional expression of her best friend no longer being able to be the scientist he once was only added to my admiration for this sweet and noble agent.
And so it is that Skye is now in the hands of Hydra with Ward's obsession with introducing her to her father continues to be his main priority, with some quick dashes to murder his brother quite horrifically.
Coulson continues to warm my heart as he explains that the people around him is why he continues to fight and save the world- good for him. I wish I was as brave as this hero.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Agents of Shield season 2 episode 8 review

Dun, dun, dun, dunnnnnn......
I've been overwhelmed by revelations this week and well, every other week but this episode in particular gave Skye's character so much unnerving perspective as her Dad informs Coulson that Skye isn't even her real name which makes me wonder whether Skye herself doesn't even have any idea of who she really is. That for me makes the whole series even more exciting and thrilling.
As the team delve into Daniel Whitehall's past they discover that somehow he has managed to keep himself looking youthful even though he is an old man.
I think we may have seen Skye's mother for the first time; savagely covered in her own blood due to Whitehall's experiments. There are so many questions being raised it's almost too much.
Nah, I love that we get to see more and more about the character's history and find things out about them that even they don't know. So Skye's father is out for revenge on Mr. Whitehall but then why is he so angry at Shield; he says they took his daughter from them but she kind of stumbled upon them and Coulson recruited for because she had great computer hacking skills. Clearly, there's something not right with this guy.
Now I cannot forget the beast that is Ward; I knew when he put his arm round his brother and smiled, that something brutal was going to happen.
Subtly, towards the end we are told that Ward has killed his brother for supposedly putting disturbing thoughts into his head but I think that was probably down to thier parents who tortured them. 
Another fragmented and dark layer that has been let loose amongst the search for this city that holds some great power.
Something is building, and whatever it is it looks to be monumentous in scale! Take cover team, you're going to need it!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Agents of Shield episode 7 Review

Firstly, as the continuation of the mysterious alien carvings leds to an intense revelation, the sub story of the team following Ward around on various buses felt to be pushed aside but I presume that the two stories are connected in some way. 
I've been trying to pinpoint Ward's obsession with Skye and what he hopes to achieve by terrifying her. I don't think just killing her is his style. He's such an unpredictable character that makes him a very powerful element to the story. 
I think the team could have been a bit more conspicous when they are trailing after Ward. I just don't think a cap, a cowboy hat and a book that isn't actually read is going to fool him. Clearly, it didn't- he was wearing a bomb.
The visual effect alongside the direction of the scene where Coulson finds himself back inside the memory machine was really atmospheric and electrifying.
Finally, we discover what these carvings mean- it's a city! An alien city? A another universe city? A city filled with other superheroes or villians? I can keep speculating but that's the beauty of this show, it literally could be anything.