Monday, 15 June 2015

Karen Gillan at Dallas Comic con 2015

Here is the awesome and unique Karen Gillan at Dallas Comic Con 2015 for any Whovian fans out there!

Agents of Shield S.O.S Part 2 review

As the story flows from a raging war between Shield and the inhumans to thousands of people who will soon become one of the enhanced power people, due to the terrigan crystals becoming a part of fish oils tablets, season two's finale has certainly revealed some huge character developments; Skye's relationship with her father has definitely been one of the most evolving but touching in an odd way. 
As Cal describes it to himself- his love for his family had sent him mad as well as Juinang whose motives for starting the war, were in her eyes justified because for some twisted reason she thinks that Shield want to cause harm to her people even though it was Hydra who had experimented on her and attacked her people.
In hindsight, I have found her to be a far more interesting and complex character in terms of her reasons and motivations for her actions then Ward ever brought. His complexity has only been one of manipulation and blame.
Chunks of the fight scenes were incredibly enthralling to watch as the camera slowed down the punches and flips to really make every move of the characters count almost like a dance even.
Linking to this, Skye has evolved into such a compassionate and brave agent and inhuman who has been so fascinating to watch her grow and deal with her parents and put the protection of strangers first all culminating into her having to even try and terminate her own mother.
Every character has been given a thread that has been resolved into a nice little ribbon that has finally been knotted tightly together ready to be pulled a part.
Just as I was cheering for Simmons and Fitz to go to dinner, she gets sucked into the Kree Stone. What a heart tearing moment when your favourite character gets pulled into this unknown alien artefact, gone without a scuffle.
May is finally starting to realise that Shield isn't her life and that she needs to explore it which I think will be good for her because then maybe she can bring a new perspective on why she is a part of Shield in the first place.
The build up of where the this team has come to and how the battle with the inhumans has led them into a new direction is something I am very much jumping up and down for. 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Agents of Shield S2 E21 review

Heading on from last week's increasingly epic finale tale this episode swept past with so many thrills and extremely interesting moments of character development that I felt like I couldn't hold on tight enough.
Specifically, as of late I hadn't really connected with Bobbi's character as I never felt like she was integral to the story or brought much to the team.
But I thought the scene where she handled agent 33 and Ward was so brave and honest that I was rooting for this particular agent.
Then came the brief fight between Skye and May which I think highlighted how the ever increasing battle has pushed these characters into fighting each other because of the manipulation that Juinang has upon everyone to get what she wants.
Moving on, I did feel like Ward has become a bit of a loose thread for the finale story this season just because I didn't feel like there was any reason for him to be there.
His reason for torturing Bobbi seemed a little bland- he wants her to apologize to Agent 33 for what happened her. She made the right choice and I think that Ward doesn't really know what to do with himself now. What has his life become? Who knows but I hope he gets a better role in the third season if he is involved.
Finally, Skye has seen who her mother really is- a part of me felt for Skye, she has spent so long searching for parents and they both end up being insane maniacs who will kill anyone to get what they want and will use any means to justify their actions even Skye herself.
Cal's transformation was very funny and scary as his mad words and galloping lit the action scenes a little more.
I have to give credit for Juinang's plan though as it is really well thought out and the thread has been weaved together and crafted so well that my eyes keep bulging out of my face with shock.
Here's to the end of season 2! (Sad face)