Saturday, 18 July 2015

Ant- Man Review

As the Marvel Universe continues to expand, the fans expect the new releases to tell stories are fresh and dynamic in what they achieve. Well, Ant Man is certainly a triumph in its entertainment and original ideas of species of Ants coming together to save the world.
In the midst of the destruction of the world, Marvel continues to bring new humour to its audiences and specifically in this film I felt like a lot of that came from the camaraderie between Scott Lang and his friends and the notion of a gigantic Thomas the Tank Engine bursting through the roof of a house.
These qualities that exist in this film alone is enough to engage any audience member and showcase Ant Man's powers in a way that no longer seems stupid.
Especially  in the scenes where you see the team work that pulls Scott and the Ants together to save the world and his daughter.
As the film begins in 1989, there was one character whose name I will not mention who absolutely made me squeal with joy at seeing them at this specific period in their life as it is something of a rarity to see a Marvel hero all at different moments in their existence.
There was such warmth and compassion from Hank Pym and Scott Lang as they both shared a need to be the hero that their daughters always wanted them to be.
This felt like a very poignant and embracing motivation for a superhero to lead as usually it becomes about them saving the world rather than doing what's right for one specific person.
Furthermore, the effects were incredibly diverse and dynamic in how they were shot because I felt like we really got to be a part of Ant Man's world when he has to shrink himself.
The angles brought so much depth and precision to Ant- Man's movements when he kept shrinking and reappearing to full size.
Thus, the connections to the Avengers and the appearance of Falcon brought some great chemistry and action between him and Ant- Man because of the Falcon seeming to appear annoyed at Ant- Man's powers with a little bit of jealously and determination to impress Captain America.
Therefore, there is some clever comedy, great direction, a well constructed story, nods to other heroes, an inspiring father and some really cool kick ass moments with the help of a lot of cute little ants.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Lego Dimensions trailer!

If you're a Whovian and Lego fan this game is going to rock your world! Enjoy =)