Monday, 17 August 2015

Partners in Crime- 'N or M?' Episode 4

The infamous sleuths are back for a brand new and entirely different tale from the first with a sparkly glamour and far more witty lines that had me giggling like an uncontrollable clown.
So Tommy is now in the Wig business much to Tuppence's dismay as they rather enthusiastically make their way to the opera.
Carter gives Tommy another mission to complete- he must find an atomic scientist Gilbert who has gone missing and that someone or something that is connected to him is resided at the Sans Souci Hotel in Cromer.
The setting and costumes were very sparkly and beautiful which gives you a flavour of the period and energy of the time.
You think that the couple may just be spending a lovely evening out but oh no, one Mr Harrison has fallen down and died. Tuppence clearly thinks that something fishy is going on as she raises the question of whether his drink may have been poisoned.

Never before have I seen the London fog displayed with such wonderful lighting. The reds and yellows illuminated the characters beautifully and I certainly did not expect the policewoman to start shooting at Tuppence. I tensed up and hoped that my favourite character would not be hurt. 
Maybe not physically but I think it was right that they should show the psychological strain on the human mind when they nearly come face to face with death. She's a brave and strong woman who surely would not let some pathetic killer stop her from doing what's right.

Off they run to their friend Albert who seems to have taken a liking to the new drama teacher as he asks her to get him a crumpet.
These are some valuable slices of humour that the story needs to give it a lift and show that the lives of the people around them continue to live in a way that we can relate too and that not everyone is being murdered.
Albert reveals cyanide was the culprit which leads Tuppence to lead the investigation.
However, as Carter pops over Tuppence is told to hide upstairs. Does Tommy not know his wife and think that she wouldn't be eavesdropping on their whole conversation? I guess not.
One of the many qualities of Tuppence I admire greatly is her determination, curiosity and capability to take on a mission  that requires spontaneous thinking, cunning and wit.

Tuppence is already at the hotel when Tommy arrives and she has blended comfortably with the rest of the guests especially Carl Denim who openly flirts with Tuppence and likewise Mrs Sprot with Tommy. Injecting more layers of comedy doesn't shift from the drama as it fits nicely as you can use their interactions to try and work out the people behind the names. 

Likewise, it enables Tommy and Tuppence's relationship to evolve and spread open in terms of how their marriage has been affected because of the investigating and other people showing interest.
More so, Tuppence definitely feels betrayed that Tommy would swear that nothing was going on when she clearly knew different. I think she feels the same towards Tuppence because he knows how capable and brilliant she is at investigating but because of the period she is cut out due to being female.

But that is why we need more female roles like Tuppence on television who are not afraid to say that they can do the same things as men. And that they are not weak but stronger mentally because they know that they deserve to achieve the same things and go on adventures that proves their value. 

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