Monday, 24 August 2015

Partners in Crime N or M? Episode 5 review

As the second story almost comes to an conclusion, this installment is definitely worth tons of comedy value!
Tuppence shows immense bravery; lying that she is working by herself with a gun pointed at her, Tommy blunders in and blows it. Thankfully, Major Caan doesn't seem the kind of man to kill the people who are looking for the same spy as he is.

He lets them go but they follow him to a ball; Tommy trying his hardest to get in without a ticket when his wife has already found a way in by posing as a waitress.
I could certainly see the Tuppence's head pounding as she watched Tommy dancing with Mrs Sprot.

Their childish bickering over who N really is has been ramped up as whenever N is mentioned they both mention Mrs Sprot and Mr Denim, who have both been flirting with them both throughout the third episode.

More so, their evolution as a couple is clearly evident; they don't seem to get very far without each other - they suspect people but when it comes to delving deeper into the mystery, that's when they come back together.

All of this bickering has deterred them from the married couple staying in the hotel but even they are only found to be fraudsters.
Also, there are developments with Mrs Sprot; Tuppence finds some intimate letters she wrote to Major Caan in her draw, she is caught but Mrs Sprot explains she knew that Caan did kill himself because she knew him. Could this just be another cover up?
At this point I can't tell but I still feel like she is hiding something.

Tommy does discover something quite mysterious though. As Commander Haydock pushes him into going bird watching with him quite drunkenly, Tommy scarpers and finds an entrance to some caves with old wooden boxes scattered on the beach.
He brings Tuppence and they explore, one of Tuppence's fears is revealed- fear of the dark. A very human fear that saddles me with a perplex understanding of what they're doing.

Oddly, it leads back to the hotel, a perfect way for N to retreat without anyone noticing. It's then Tommy's turn to investigate Denim. Tuppence has to distract him but doesn't really succeed but I'm guessing it is quite hard to flirt with someone who could be a spy and responsible for the detonation of an atomic bomb.

It seems likely that Denim is N- he's actually German and has a pistol, oh and he also hits Tommy over the head and kidnaps him onto his boat. I would have like Tuppence to have been the one in danger as I think it would have given Tommy's character that space to show how he deals with his wife being missing and how strong his relationship is with Tuppence.

Extremely funny, the plot with spontaneous plans which gives it a never a dull moment feel. The characters are laced with charm, mystery, strengths and weaknesses that we can all relate too, especially the Beresfords. 

Just a quick mention to the costume department who have done an exquisite job; I've been blown away by the array of stunning and lascivious outfits.

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